Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Validity Of Happiness ; Osho

Whatsoever I am saying to you is true this moment. Tomorrow it will become a dead burden. Don't carry it. Live it if you can live it right now. Enjoy, if you can enjoy it with me right now. Celebrate it! This very moment let your consciousness meet... let it go deep in you. It can transform you. Be pregnant with it -- but this very moment! Don't postpone it for tomorrow, because tomorrow it will not be valid any more. Nothing can be valid beyond its moment.

The mind says th
at if something is valid today, it will be valid tomorrow. That's how traditions are born. That's how very meaningful things become meaningless, absurd. That's how beauty is reduced to ugliness. Osho 

Until You Die
Chapter #3
Chapter title: Walking Without Crutches

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