Friday, 14 February 2014

Every thread of experience in life_Journey; is the Nos. of garland - Note

" If you allow imagination, you can imagine all sorts of things: kundalini is arising, chakras opening; any sorts of things you can imagine, and they will all happen to you. And they are beautiful -- but not true. 

So whatsoever you experience, don't pay much attention to it, and don't start bragging about it. Just remember that all that is experienced is illusory -- only the one who experiences is true. Pay attention to the witness; focus on the witness and not on the experiences. Howsoever beautiful, all experiences are dreamlike and one has to go beyond all of them."

Tantra: The Supreme Understanding
Chapter #3
Chapter title: The Nature of Darkness and of Light
13 February 1975 am in Buddha Hall —

to read these lines on face book Post , it gives me tremendous happiness , when i find signs on my road, and my reaction was towards post , ' I felt same , now ! i get Opinion also from Osho , thanks for share .'

But soon i realize , ' nothing is should be under ignorance , if some one is on the path of truth ... Imaginations are plays Beautiful role in the path of mystic Journey .. but .. it feels good when , i find same signs on road . '

here More important is my experience , not denial . it is more Important my Ignorance is converting into awareness . More Important is those Sings of lighted candle which i finding in my path of Journey .

Many times Guru cross their verdict also according to experience , but dosnt take gist , anyone is less important ........................... he was much big , even ; I am doing same many times with myself ... One time except my experience and next time i denies my self ... but they are not meaningless , timings are important , on their own timings Param sends vibes of wisdom to encounter self , nothing else !! 

every experience is beautiful , every moment is precious , and every thread of experience in Journey is the Nos. of garland

Om Pranam

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