Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Soulful Conversation among Grandpa and Grand son (Note )

Relationship , between generations , tells the beautiful story of development of chain , which is based up on believes and passing those believes Gradually ... every generation have some few from passed and many from generated by themselves . so that flawlessness is continued , but with in the time , collected need to weed .
After few generation wise child need to says to his grandfather ," O Grand pa , i respect your believes whosoever collected by you from your grandparents without Objections . and so they did same from their Grandpa's , but now time to weed . Garden is Beautiful limited and overloaded from Burden of believes . will you help me please .

O' no, Dear Grand Pa ! Isn't it , i have respect you and love you much and i know your sacrifices also regarding commitments religious and for family flow , i can take all believes religiously for your heart sake .but all are stones for me and how can do same Mistakes whatever make by elders , how may i pass Stones to another generations as a regular part of religious development flow .

I can not do this again n again , Grand Pa , i want peace , i want love , i want not religion , want to be true Spiritual , Only Spirituality is pertaining to the soul, religion is for mass . i will lost in Religion , and i get myself in spirituality .

Will you suggest me ; how can i help myself ?

Do you think , what will get said by generous grand pa to his soulful grand son !!

Yes ! Exactly !

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