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Mudra Vijnan is an ancient Indian neural science. It is called cheironomy or the science of finger postures.  The use of Mudras is universal and suitable for everyone.

Nature has made the human body self sufficient, self contained and almost perfect. But a human being is prone to innumerable pressures. The human body is made up of five elements- fire, air, water, earth and sky (ether) which are present in fixed proportions.  Even the slightest imbalance of any of these can be disastrous.

Fingers and Corresponding Elements

Thumb — Fire
Forefinger — Air
Middle Finger — Ether
Ring Finger — Earth
Little Finger — Water

The five elements of fire, air, ether, earth and water exert considerable influence on the human body.  Mudras help to normalize these elements in the  body and strike a balance between them.

Major Mudras

Anjali Mudra
Anjali Mudra represents the ancient Indian cultural value of showing reverence to others.   This finger posture sees the divine within all creations. In a moment of simplicity,  we are transported to clarify through the Anjali Mudra.  Practice of this meditative Mudra  also helps to ease fear and stress. It relaxes the mind and helps one remain focussed. It also induces tranquility and helps us to stay calm.

Chin Mudra
Chin Mudra is a powerful Mudra. Its use  stimulates  energies at the mooladhara chakra and enhances the flow of cosmic energies to the brain energy centers.  Its functions are based on electrical energy and its practice brings us into greater harmony with nature. Chin Mudra aids in normalizing the functions of the pituitary ,pineal and thyroid glands and also balances electrical energy within the body.  This finger posture creates a pranic circuit that maintains and circulates prana throughout the entire body.

 Apan Mudra
Apan Mudra harmonizes thermal energy in the body and activates  the Anahata region. It is very useful in the treatment of heart problems. This  finger posture is also known as the Detoxification Mudra as it helps to eliminate toxins from the body keeping both mind and body calm and clean.

 Mukula Mudra
Mukula Mudra resembles the bud of a lotus flower. It is also called the Beak Hand Mudra.  The use of this finger posture ensures an instant feeling of  rejuvenation by intensifying a sharp focus of healing energy,  like a laser beam or a shaft of light.  Mukula Mudra is a sudden energy enhancing and relaxing Mudra.  It directs energy when healing is required. Samuel West, an American healer and scientist uses Mukula Mudra to electrically recharge the vital organs of the body.  This mudra helps to draw in more cosmic energy and brings balance between the mind and body.

 Dhyana Mudra
Dhyana Mudra amplifies and distributes total energy. This Mudra is a submission.

Guru Mudra
Guru Mudra is called the wish fulfilling Mudra.  The use of it amplifies the over-all energy in the body and distributes it to all cells.  The use of Guru Mudra increases the pulsation of the  mooladhara chakra to a level  of 9000.

Mudras related  with chakras

More about Mudras 

and  Other than many mudras are :-

Hand Mudras

Uses  of mudras  in sitting at Dhyaan

Shunya  Mudra  ( feel power of emptiness )

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Sacral mudra ( to connect with center  and to open sacral chakra )

Ling Mudra 2 ( to  awake  masculine / yang  power inside )

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Yoni Mudra ( to awake  feminine / yen   power of receptivity)

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Sadhu mudra ( ashirvad )

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Namaskar Mudra (welcome gesture )

Image result for mudra pics

Image result for mudra pics
Divya  mudra ( to feel space  in side )

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Kamal  Mudra (padmasan yog)

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Kamal mudra for yog

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Swayambhu  mudra ( to feel wholesomeness )

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Bodhisatv dhayn mudra

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Prayer Mudra (  surrender in lotus feet )

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Gyan Mudra ( fingers down to earth with lock thumb and first finger  ) 

Uttarbodh mudra

Ushas mudra

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Adi mudra

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Maha sacral Mudra

Image result for mudra pics
shakti mudra

Image result for mudra pics
shankh mudra

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kundalini mudra

matangi mudra

dharmchakra Mudra

asthma Mudra

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purn mudra

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pushpaputa mudra

You are the wittness  of mudras  as welll as  yoga postures too , Mudra can make / Introduce  more and more  according to  willingness of Body .  just alike  physical yoga  is not restricted for any one pose . it flexy  according to need .

Every mudra serves  related feeling to strengthen  and healing inside keep in mind  when  yog mudra  get connected  with inner  effortlessly . though  all is literary  part , real is  doing and experiencing  by self  without technicality . 

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