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The Guru

A subject :  sexuality and In reply ; The Guru 
Find the difference among Guru alike Father (it may self inner ) / Mother  and  Child  alike Curious (it may own mind )

P: Namaste ! 

G: God bless you , Sit comfortable  and  Ask  ! 

P: I have  query , how you can talk easily of Sex alike subjects  ! Though like me or like myself many  can not feel comfortable on talks , most of us avoid wisely . and our Social system also not give permission  regarding to explore openly !  

G : ( smile)  Its very simple , but before  explaining my vision , asking from you  certain things from nature ,  do you feel shy  to see growth of tree ! or do you shy to see  rocks  get multiply in years !  or you feel shy to see Jeeva (fishes  and  animals )  meetings . things are  natural its nature's nature !  few have query  due to self hesitation of accepting truth . and few get accept the nature  AS IT IS . 

P: Yes , We feel  hesitation  in express , we feel hesitant in accept ,

G: No its not you ! its all about seasoning , in few  countries from birth  they have different vision , not under right and wrong , just understand it is as seasoning .  but this is not  Vision ! this  is only upbringing . another name  is  Social Ritual (Sanskara ) , these rituals  also get change  over the time frame  area-wise . OK , Once you understand mind' s function  you understand all story of mind related .  but as summery here , its matter of acceptance to nature  through  vision

P: I have one query  also !  many times  i heard pornography is a extension of  Kamsutra (hindu's  sex-grantha ) Only .

G: (little broader smile) , Dear this query  is  a extended  version of previous one only , still if you asking , i will take you little back  in Hindu religious History with grew consciousness .  just keep yourself free first  from your current upbringing and seasonings .  The Hindu  Dharma is very liberal  , whatever hardness  is not religious  is all  mental and political .  Its get very long if we digging entire  Hindu religion history , for only this  sex subject  perspective  we  may touch the ground (mentality) of golden age  of Hinduism .that time  and that mentality  was more enhanced  consciously , people  were accept  two  sex  wisely  not hesitantly , The Grantha  Got write  on that period  where  Crime was also art !  

Yes , Of-course with certain punishments  according to time  and judiciary ................... no matter things are how artistic but if they disturb general public peace and they snatching or try to rob their honest income of life  either money or  pattern / styles of culture , its punishable set for society ;  in any time ! 


Those wrote that  Grantha  was Rishi / Sage  Vatsyayan ,  this grantha can not get write by any of  as general , ever  you hear during making  and servings food  personality reflection also appears , how you understand this food cook by  some one ! same with writer, on writing original impact of personality also appears ...  and this Grantha  . Same with Sages  their written shastra also  gives  there wisdom Information   and all is Symbolic what we get as information as knowledge  and which make our experience  till than  journey  is exist .  The Kamsutra  have high level of wisdom who serves  different  artistic parameters  of  human nature . 

P: But Guru ji ,  how we understand  high wisdom of that time  ! 

G: (again smiles on child alike reaction ) Dear ,  Only  self enhanced  conscious  may reply  to all query . my saying may not get in  or may you understand if you have  true faith upon me as  Pointer!

you may find layers  in wisdom  during your austerity ,  but you  were  much before  as person also with fixed  mentality , so this is vision of growth  and acceptance of subject . so if your austerity gives changes  with in you than they sages  were  also find  many fruits  during their austerity , that too  you find  a different perspective on current scenario , they found  that vision  on that already enhanced  scenario  .  Do you able to get essence !! 

The time was  when Hinduism was stand on strong religious pillars of wise sages . with  acceptance and surrender  of current time . this current time is very much valuable  to make mentality  and seasoning  , keep in mind anytime . the time was of not simply following , individual also had certain wisdom  towards acceptance .  that time  world was not so big  and not easy to connect  for general public  as today we have .  so that country culture  was  not under nailing  so strong as today we have .  Masters  gives  certain rules  to live  healthy lives to persons   and people  lives according  administrations .  do not mix previous knowledge and current knowledge . yes ! you can take points  to move further with recognition and respect of  sages austerity .  From that era to this time and  in between of time  so many mixture  comes out , so many religion  appears  so many society appears  with self claims . many political pressures  nailed  and twist to religion own way  and current time you can see loads of changes , but it was not earlier ! 

So that the highly explosive subject sex and sexuality  also , The sage have same vision  in front of either plant is growing  or animal / human is meting , there is no difference  to them . so that they can serves artistic angle  also .( and this is simple sage vision )

Now things  to understand  according to  why pornography is not well accepted in society ! and why Kamsutra  established  as  Hindu Grantha with all purity ! yes you may think !  because  still  99 % person are living and walking up on two legs  
1- Money 
2- Sex.  

All hesitations  are of self ignorance .  need to understand human psychology behind ,  for a minute ; forget about  sex  and think about money,  to grab money according to desire people are doing many hidden and open efforts , we called them black and white , some time it become criminal and punishable also . but people are deep in sink without thinking of result . Now take it same with pornography . People are soaked in lust  without thinking good and bad it is black and white  . so that sexuality become  hidden due to  excessive white  purity used by black .  but black doesn't want to loose  so that pure  sexuality convert for short-while  in pornography . and over the time it become so convenient  for black . Because Only  Black is in Human ; who can wear white clothes  also , white not in will to wear Black . Only Black want hidden aspect to them as duality  , one is for show and another-one is for hide and in both hands wrist should be full . But for white  nothing to hide , nothing to save , for white , all is open alike child . 

Though ;  this is  also  upbringing patterns and mix n match everywhere   but  western area on Earth have dominance  of materialistic so that teachings also start  more with understanding of material. As area  shade resides more to lower chakra , which  is more dominant in living ,( cant denies of other spiritual conscious quality with them you may find  Good Spiritual Gurus of western part of Earth also  and they works  through  rejuvenate and awake of lower chakra for people and effected person so that spiritual teachings  made  according to them to  take them out . Let's comes on on same subject of pornography  and conditioning of minds ... because its on there culture  they understand and accept  without hidden body as hesitations . And other-part of Earth  who comes in mix n match  they get crash among two cultures , by seasoning they can accept  but by desire  they can not fade that aspect . so that  different shade  appears  and they only start  to mixing  own black  and white desires  according to religion ... ( ....... big laugh .......) and this is the root problem of human . 

In Hinduism ( and please  don't spoil the religion  by mixing of two time tale ; past era  and present changes ) if you understand pin point  this religion  start with nourishment of soul direct , works upon chakras  direct and gives ride through Yogic practices towards  Oneness . More Scientific More authentic . with respectfully non denial of all religions teachings . One need  to understand wisely  to Hinduism teachings  and Sage's Heart of Concept behind this religion , not as today it get perverted socially and politically . Reality is just opposite, for ex: As each of you have own personality and  you can not move a single step on whispers desires which comes  from outer atmosphere , they may motivate internally. here fine point is  your all movements  are from inner Original and only take shape in karma when get inner motive , and this is  psychological reality . Same Religion also have own personality- body  and cant move upon whispers outer Informations  ; so that , you find pit and  stagnation  during walks in religious path.  

And why we all discus  long  on this subject !  because , its all story of one tail and root is Seasoning which  convert  and pervert taste of real fruit . you  may think when i sow  mango tree  why mangoes taste get differ , and you will find  in answer  its only mine " Seasoning and Ignorance ". 

and just find  among entire Subjects  which are subdivision of mind only ; as SEASONING of human gradual  psychological developments . 

P:  yes now i understand ,   may i convince  to other  on right way !

G: My Suggestion is ; do not try to convince others , enhance only self  Consciously, its more than enough.  

P: Namaste . and thank you , yes will do ! 

Thank you to readers  to read this conversation  inspired with one of respected Sd_Guru talks .

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