Wednesday, 12 February 2014

God's wish: he is in Balance for us , and he wants same from us - Note

Today's Thought : "Be Wise : Be Safe" . live in balance , either wordily or spiritually . its God's wish, he is in Balance for us , and he wants same from us .........................................................

* Wisdom is really very fine and beautiful silver line of your wishful living .

* Balancing act Is total divine .

* Be careful about balancing patterns of inner wisdom and outer Living .

* knowledge is of any subject is giving place space to live your Gifted life by Source. (do not forget )

* Do not forget to do love your self and to others , in the gaining of Material or Spiritualism experiences , Because if it is One sided than what is the difference between one is spent their precious time to earn materials and other is spent their precious time alone to earn spiritual experience , in both ways you are never pay your birth debt to Source ? because if we are living and create unbalance situations; are not paying debt to him " Mind it " ........if you spent your time in non payment mode of debt... your Karma bundle get heavy , and after your true Sadhna to know him One day you will come under nonpayment default list by Thy ..... Spirituality is not escapism only and only under individual and very personal experience , like if we know who are our parents , than is it sufficient to pay love n care towards Parents ? your each act and every thought should be like Responsible . "Mind it "....

* Spirituality is simple Mirror who show the your true face and to the thy actual face , that's all . do not hangout yourself on Mirror . do not forget of roots , either spiritual or wordily .

ॐ प्रणाम

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