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Planets of solar system and human being's Interconnections - Note

Lets  first  pay sincere   Gratitude  to Science , who gives clear pictures for  our Imaginations  and that to without doubt , Religious astronomy  was focused on  explanations  without pictures , 

People was force to think without evidences about  something is magic  is going on sky , "Magic which is  beyond catch of  Mind " One Knowledgeable person was Involve in predictions  according to planets  , and rest of  ignored population  were   pay  gratitude  to the  knowledgeable person . this became a tradition  and  get famous as Guru and disciple system in Give & Take of education or knowledge or information . to receive this type of knowledge gratitude  and unconditional faith was only source of disciple

But curiosity  was intact with many doubts  , 

as the result 

after years , One day  Science  entered  in this field as a Subject and in total new cloths in front of common people ,  ... and the Science-Subject  serves  total  blast of on the Spiritual-Subject ... 

and they did  explosion  literally  in Imaginary religious  description , now people  had evidences with no doubts . Position of planets , Path of planets , and effect of planets  on Earth  was not closed in Books , now it is Open source .

All eight planets can be seen with a small telescope; or binoculars. And large observatories continue to provide much useful information. But the possibility of getting up close with interplanetary spacecraft has revolutionized planetary science.

Now we  do attached  this Information   to Spiritual Science ,  as you  know well Mind has limited work  beyond imaginations  and Picture  . simply  mind describes " if any thing beyond mind  ; definitely , it is Magic ."   so that  In vadik world Most of expression found  on basis of Magic . Science  gives us solid land to think beyond doubt  because  science  only express with proofs  or Under logic . Most of people    are relying on  science because of her nature  . though  Religion show picture of Imaginations ....Religion can explain  through the term  of Para  Science ...(its limit of religion ,nothing is  of right or wrong ) Sages was  aware  about Planetary walks , and they  also aware about effect  of planets's walks  on earth . 

but they  have  had   not evidence   to show others  for .  so that  to convince  people  they made religious  principle  to save   distraction of nature  through  arrogant  minds .  they tried to give turn their thought  through  religious  Mantras .  Sage  was also  aware the effect of  vibrations and the beauty of subject Art  on human  minds ,religiously they discovers  music  , dance , paintings  and many more under performing art to give  calm feel  of burning hearts and developments  for human kinds . it is  a total gift to Society  . to balancing  social and spiritual values , and 4d effect to meditation with sakshi bhav .

Through  Science  her expeditions and explorations  , Spiritually also get benefited maximum , it gives  new dimension  to  Seekers's floating thoughts , meditation get possible  with More deeper feel . undoubtedly Science gives assurance to take mental leap to brahmand and go more deeper  with No doubts . they says ; yes it is . 

Now with the help of science Planets  and their  effects are also known by each n every person . Now  brains are so  developed , they do not accept the hypothetical things , they want evidence first. 

it  get also  clears that  nothing was hypothetical  in meditational Journey , if imagination is possible means  something is there . Because  beyond that mind can not imagine  also .  as result we can see the  Strong tie-ups   among Science and Religion and Spirituality . 

Science of astronomy  says , as well as astrology  says  same thing big is  here , 

Planets have their walking path , they rotate also in their pivot  and they also rotating  continues  on to their magnetic  field . and  this way they make their  Solar  system .  their rotation  and  speed is fixed , so that human  can able to  give  definitions through  time bounding . the  term " Time " . give  multiple fruits  to human being in the way of calculations . each  second   which is passing is the gift of  mathematical calculations . On this basis  total  subjects  works astronomy  astrology music  get calculative . time  and its importance is everyone knows . Time rotation  of year months days hrs  min  and seconds  are the time wings . and on this basis , our solar system  and human lives  rotates . thousand years  of solar system has own walk ,  On year basis  solar system walks then , Monthly walks they have , and in this way  days  have their walks and  min and sec  also involved . 

And this magical walk is they perform on their  fixed orbit  and magnetic  fields . i can say magical because  its  beyond explanation yet  to  me (myself). so that their effects  also can define  by astronomer on many lives  of one Soul (bhragu_sanhita and Ravan sanhita) on the time  and years  basis , and  roatation of planets gives effect  on daily  basis , and special effects  on  eclipse . and  more fine effects  on heart or emotions  on   variables & constant is Moon  moon is  powerful   to stimulate  water  of Earth . for some reason loads of mythes  takes  entry  in astrology  through strict religion of fundamentalist and its easy  to faith under ignorance. 

One can see  high and low tides in Ocean or Sea . it has  same effect on watery beings  and Human beings  because  every one knows we have 70 %  water in our body . Mood fluctuations  and Body effects are the results .  and this way  some  fine threads of moods on body and effect on destiny which are not visible through eyes , that is also get effect in same . 

a single leaf is also big  when we talks about  matching of Anu to Brahmand ; all are same  and connected  with inter and to the source . 

In the end

Purpose of  the post  is to get communion  with  Planets  and galaxies , to give feel ; they are not different

from you , they are your being Only . Do meditate , Do feel  and make non diverted feel of  One Union  with them . 

and  result of planets Beautiful walk; is Mother Nature ,  and the Final result we are . it is also part of your's only . 

Om Pranam 

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