Thursday, 6 February 2014

Actual affected area of your physical and spiritual jurisdiction - note

Today, try to understand . phenomena of actual effected physical and spiritual Jurisdiction .
the head of your information center " Mind " pass the Message to you that physically your government gives you instructions of your restrictions . pre_restricted your area In land is your "sqm" ; limited according to the price paid by you . You 'll also get inside the house was built , then the partition of these cabins also show you your restrictions . and in your very personal The rooms is also unknowingly tells the comfortable corner of you , ( a place where one can sit yourself you feel like it ) , it 's indoors classification or division , let 's now go back to the same route from. Home to city ,than province, and country and after the world, all you have to do on the basis of predetermined limits ( in this case , we acknowledge that it is the normal process ) .

No limit to the universe polarized waves from a molecule travels to Brahmand or Universe . Imagine it is also because the waves are perceived by the brain ; to be noted that contains information concerning the infinite . without Information to do imagination of Infinite Not possible for human brains .... It seems humans is simply a victim of ignorance . While the waves that knows no Bounds and Boundaries . The waves that range is beyond the province of this country and beyond world .

To travel in vibratory world by seeker through mind , to resort to imaginations called to Pay attention on breathing reign by Guide or by Self . Deep breaths and slowly seems to be more deeper , and the variance in Imaginations appears in front of practitioner's Internal eyes .these variance interviewed by such waves , who introduces him to his wordily realities . Or more appropriately called feel of reality . Because for child there is literally introduction with the word 'Feel' not actually they can understand the depth of Vibes . Only Vibration world get Open doors to give entry in world of Feels .

For travel there ; you have to choose the place and the place where you feel relaxed and mentally you can combine with your place . Your journey begins , and either you or your master gives direction to the soul / mind / brain ; to go , and after travel you would come back the same way . .... give time yourself to re-adjust with the atmosphere , the brain is polarized to give the impression that you are now in the Original world of responsibilities , which_one seemingly fictional universe in harmony with mundane meets and his physical presence known actual .

Certainly, as a result of meditation takes you to peruse it browse by vibratory imaginary world seems real to you . that the scientists think of these fictional world . 

Fruit of meditation will Connect with your inner demon and unpredictability ( greed, infatuation, anger, resentment ) takes and collectively dilutions get start , automatically The seeker come to understand that all of this is all so transient and redundant and brain is organizer . Automatically generated games by Maaya seem to be clear ..

Be mindful , to any balance in Both world are never to be forgotten , your spirituality will be introduced to you from your Realities , and socializing debt to rise above that which you have to complete in this life Only . None of escapes from your duties , you take proper care of all but also teaches them to live in balance throughout Life .

(*if these Qualities not appears with in than check your procedures , a true meditater can not be escapist from any responsibilities either from physical world or non physical )

When you meditate , you certainly have added to existence . That is, by nature seem to be drab . Particles of nature starts to speaks from you . . Then you will live in a different expressions of vibrations for the entire Nature ----- with compassion and gratitude .

from a tiny particle and its origin is a mystery , you find yourself adding with them that even the pretense of having them in the particles themselves . And then its actual impact on the physical and spiritual level, there is the knowledge of jurisdiction .

( This experience is real separate from the knowledge of cosmic and thematic wisdom)

Om Pranam

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