Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Imaginations : The Unstuck power of wittness , By Osho

If you allow imagination, you can imagine all sorts of things: kundalini is arising, chakras opening; any sorts of things you can imagine, and they will all happen to you. And they are beautiful -- but not true. 

So when you trust a person, in the very trusting you have to be aware of imagination. Trust, but don't become a victim of imagination. Whatsoever is being said here is metaphorical. And remember always, that all experiences are imagination; all experiences, I say, unconditionally. Only the experiencer is the truth.

So whatsoever you experience, don't pay much attention to it, and don't start bragging about it. Just remember that all that is experienced is illusory -- only the one who experiences is true. Pay attention to the witness; focus on the witness and not on the experiences. Howsoever beautiful, all experiences are dreamlike and one has to go beyond all of them.

So, religion is poetic, one has to talk metaphorically. The disciple is in deep trust, he can fall a victim easily of imagination -- one has to be very very alert. Trust, listen to the metaphors, but remember they are metaphors. Trust -- many things will start happening, but remember: all is imagination except you. And you have to come to a point where there is no experience; only the experiencer sits in his abode silently, no experience anywhere, no object, no light, no flowers flowering, no -- nothing.


Tantra: The Supreme Understanding

Chapter #3
Chapter title: The Nature of Darkness and of Light
13 February 1975 am in Buddha Hall

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