Monday, 24 February 2014

A spine and spiritual , emotional Growth signs (Kundalni) - Note

A spine is Merudanda , axis of Body can say center of the Universe, either Human being can live as biological entity or they can transform himself almost center of Universe .... Spine is one dimension of determines which direction you go , with in the spine you would know two whole both side of spine and in these channels ...... right one is Ingla and left is Pingla ; passes in this root , which connect with two sides of Brain it is also explained in Science of right brain and left brain .... 

it is known with many names , either you can say Shiva aur Shakti , Or you can say Yen n Yang Or you can say Feminine and Masculine Energy or two Duality of Existence in Non Duality .

This is the basic of physical reality Of Nature , in middle is empty space called sushumna , now bringing the balance between two , it makes to handle and effective in life , it will make you life
aspects , Sushumna have various kind of qualities . fundamentally Sushumna is attribute less , it has no quality of its own it is empty space , you can create anything you want to do . , once is energy center in sushumna is Vairagya , mean No Raga , means No Colors ,Total Transparent .. means , if you live with red colors you are red ., if you are live with green you are green , same with Blue , yellow too , but Nothing sticks to you . No color is stick on you . Only it is in state of Vairagya , than you dare to explore all dimensions of Colors without sticking whenever you will live here , because if any color starts to stick to you you have prejudice this right this is wrong ... any one is stuck you you will resist to go another color , you will get judgmental . it will restrict flow of life .

so all mechanism is built in fundamentally in the Spine , not in the Brain , if you manipulate your spine certain way you can control many functions of Brain .......................

and during explaing all ,

Sadguru Goes speechless for moment ,

they lost words for minute ..

after some time ..

they continue again , ' Sorry now i can not explain More On this Subject , they Smiles and said , ' i can Blow your Head to touch your Spine. i will touch your Spine and you get float in realities ... Because Spine is a root ..

So when you do any Kriya aur Yoga , except in sleeping , its Good to keep your Spine Erector this way you can do many things .................................... Many things ...... "

Om Om Om


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