Monday, 24 February 2014

Meditation and how Meditation works Scientifically on Minds Body and Souls - note

Meditation is the your own " Inner play ground " where thoughts run free, and nothing is out reach , you feel you have tremendous power . .

floating. flying. drifting.

The feeling is that of weightlessness and Inner freedom without outer controls

Gravity is not the only thing that drags us down. We all have our baggage, and get weighed down by several things.

Alcohol, cigarettes, and substance abuse is done by many all over the world to feel free again, from the gut-wrenching pains of life. only to feel weightless.

all are the way to give feel you of freedom and weightlessness. , and same if we get feel in meditation than ! what you say ? do not force to quit do not attempt to discourage only do space for acceptance of new expressions , the new dimension , which can turn you automatic .... smoothly , softly , without knowing you ... Believe it ! 

One can slips again  in negatives , but no problems , it give you strength to come back again on Positivism .

you may catch up with Interesting Book , Good music , or nature walks , these are another name of Brilliant Meditation ..

The conscience began to take steps upward. Have you seen a wailing baby, and how it stops only if it's held by its mother? It felt like that.

Once you start moving upwards, you get these amazing ideas. No, not like discovering electricity. They are more like impulses, with a very positive ring to them.

With pure feel of ," get ready, idiot ! it's now or it never." (pure means with any prejudice and pre n fixed judgments )

Actually Meditation is what you are , its brings from you only , and make a place to enter other aspects to give flow of life , and give you balance with all positivism , it may fire from you, it may water from you or it may air or it is also earthy matters from you ... its depends where dis-balance is forcing you for Imbalance . so that we can say " You are the Mirror of your own " and every healing are within you only . just need to knowing secret powers of Inner . 

You see, it wasn't the physical speed of the body that mattered. It was the mere act of running, or sitting in meditations and the context, which made feel like ," it was flying."

it is very Scientific , nothing is Magical , only under gravity to get weightless through meditation .. through your own inner being . through your own power with in .

It is weightlessness. To sit without a care in the world. though you knew I was out of the pit.

People often give their own definitions to scientific terms, and here's me defining the term 'infinite'.

Infinite is the number of things you can do to enjoy life, at any time, in any circumstances.

Infinite is the extent to which you can feel, and live.

No other conditions are applied.

with all best wishes _()_ Om Pranam

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