Wednesday, 12 February 2014

*Think well , *Eat well and *Sleep well

* Think well * Eat well and * Sleep well ! :

" One Friend says : ' Most of the health problems are not caused by the things we eat, but the things that are eating us inside.' Others reply was : '100% No doubt . perhaps after knowing all facts , person get in flow of situations , that's is none of other Only Human being .... and cause Only n Only Love ' ....."

Both are absolutely correct ; Inner and outer Circle (wheel ) is in rotation without giving way you to come
out ! Both are correct and the wise , than ....................................................!

as we take food for our Body , our Body will make . as we take food to our Inner (inside) our Inner get develop . Health aspect is prime .
with the help and coordination of both, like " yin & yang " . Journey moves towards completion .

And believe it one day ,drop to Both here only , You (which one is Sakshi) will leave . this is your responsibility and attribute also to pay debt of Birth , to Thee . In the form of Love yourself and others be kind yourself and others , be compassionate for yourself and others . In short be Wise and be Awaken. 

Om Pranam

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