Sunday, 2 February 2014

Meditation : Be rooted from Earthy Matters and fly On Sky , Dhayn 5

For One hr Meditation ... every sound of Bell gives a sweet reminder that you are the bamboo of Flute and sound is divine . 

Sit  or lay down  as per comfort  choice is yours ,  calm your mind  ,  centralize your thought towards Heart , that is your bhava-chakra  also . 
Try to keep  rooted yourself  from Earthy Ground 
( you are not body , you are not  scenes , your not  as wordily  eyes  see  you , you can not catch from wordily aspects , you are Soul  Pure Soul), every bell is  gentle reminder  to yourself  to very Inner being  , that's what you are !   use the method of neti neti  during meditation .  and be rooted . 

Amen !

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