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Note- Ingredients of Positive and Negative ; given by "Source" Including quick Psychological quiz


Ingredients of Positive and Negative ; given by "Source" to make sail your life in hardships of Sea : above of all is Love , in any circumstances it make beautiful moments, Love it self covers many small Ingredients for Fragrance and taste of life dish  , next is Laugh , its also give strength and Positivism towards negativity of Life , Now comes of real negative Ingredients and Uses of wise with Awareness ..... Negatives are in real not negative much , as everyone knows , whatever Nature give us it is useful , only how to use these in proportion is meaningful .

Anger , Greed , Seduction , Jealousy with all side effects to them Ingredients given By Lord to make sail your life in Hardships of Sea : Top of top is " Love " , in any circumstances it make Beautiful Moments, Love it_self covers many small Ingredients with Good side effects of Fragrance and taste of life , next is Laugh , its also give strength and Positivism towards negativity of Life , Now comes of real negative Ingredients and Uses of wise with Awareness ..... Negatives are in real not negative much , as everyone knows , whatever Nature give us it is useful , only how to use these in proportion is meaningful. 

Negativism : which one Einstein Often use to say Stress energy treasure , and Newton uses these of under term Gravitational force or theory of magnetism of Forces either Positive or Negative every force attract to same vibrations in close surroundings .

In general relativity, negative mass is generalized to refer to any region of space in which for some observers the mass density is measured to be negative. This could occur due a region of space in which the stress component of the Einstein stress–energy tensor is larger in magnitude than the mass density. All of these are violations of one or another variant of the positive energy condition of Einstein's general theory of relativity; however, the positive energy condition is not a required conditi
on for the mathematical consistency of the theory. (Various versions of the positive energy condition, weak energy condition, dominant energy condition, etc., are discussed in mathematical detail by Visser.)

ANOTHER Scientists  Morris, Thorne and Yurtsever pointed out that the quantum mechanics of the Casimir effect can be used to produce a locally mass-negative region of space–time. In this article, and subsequent work by others, they showed that negative matter could be used to stabilize a wormhole.

means self Positivism can control self quantum of negativism , even One who lives with positive vibes in surroundings by others , it is also may controls of production negative vibes .

All powers within and in surroundings choose by one Intelligently to them .

In Under negativism , choose to balance , laugh , lightness , select light minded peoples , leave Ownership of every result , tae ownership of Karma Only . Spirituality get most helpful to remove negativism of Vibrations . 

Below section is made by experienced Psychologists of Social consciousness , FranklinTempleton Academy... to search inner self for self medication ....

Here's a quick quiz to gauge the level of negative energy within you:

- Do you complain? All the time or just sometimes?
- Do you often discuss what's wrong in the world more than what's right? This includes the ‘terrible' weather, ‘horrible' traffic, ‘idiotic' government, ‘lousy' economy, ‘stupid' in-laws, etc.
- Do you criticize? All the time or just certain people?
- Are you attracted to drama and disaster (can you unglued yourself from the TV when there's a news story of a disaster and can you avoid getting involved in the lives of dysfunctional celebrities?)
- Do you blame? All the time or just certain situations?
- Do you believe that you have no control over most of your results?
- Do you feel like a victim? Do you talk about people doing things to you?
**- Are you grateful for what is or will you be grateful when things finally start going right for you?
**- Do you feel like things are happening to you? Or do you feel that they are happening through you?

These above last two points are important: If you're not grateful except when things go right, you are negative. Gratitude is positive. If you are grateful for what is (including the unpleasant school of life lessons, then you can invite more and more positive energy into your life. Believing that things happen to you puts you in the role of victi
m; then it's easy to be negative because it's convenient to give up that power. So consider this alternative: who or what is to blame when GOOD things happen to you?

Do you acknowledge that you are responsible for the good things – as in, you worked hard, you earned it, etc… but blame external events or other people for your failures? So how come, when good things happen, they are a result of what you do, but when bad things happen, they are not your fault? Nobody likes to hear that. It takes courage to accept that you create your life experience! If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you are holding on to negative energy to some degree! To clear your negative energy and raise your vibration, you will need to retrain yourself to choose a positive attitude. Here's another interesting idea to consider: have you noticed that positive people seem to get what they want out of life, and even if things don't go their way, they still enjoy their lives… while negative people whine
and moan about their misfortunes and even the good things in their lives?

To clear negative energy, try this 3 -step process:

1. Take ownership: “When you think everything is someone else's fault, you will suffer a lot. When you realize that everything springs only from yourself, you will learn both peace and joy.” – the Dalai Lama
2. Cancel negative thoughts and replace them with positive thoughts. This takes practice, dedication and making a decision to see the world through the eyes of “what can go right” instead of “what can go wrong.” You'll have to catch yourself anytime you are acting out or speaking out your negativity, and immediately change your tune.
3. Use the Love or Above Spiritual Toolkit to clear your energy and bring more light and love into your life; visualize the positive instead of getting sucked into negativity; overcome past conditioning; think intuitively from the soul instead from ‘reality'; create a new, desired reality in your imagination and manifest it in the outer world.

Nobody wants negative energy to permeate their lives, yet many of us allow it. But we allow it unconsciously, based on past conditioning that suggests an inevitable outcome to certain situations. When you overcome that conditioning and realize that the future is NOT cast in stone but that you have more control over your circumstances than you believe – then you can begin to consciously design your life. 

Be Safe : Be wise

ॐ प्रणाम

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