Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Time tales and your's collected bundle of Believes -Note

Be with you , explore your own Kingdom of God ; Believes and Beliefs under time tales : 

So, you are asking ... what happens after death ? what happens after die you .. very first i am going to say whatever you , you do not know , so all options is up to you believe it or disbelieve , whatever i am going to tell you . , i feel vary bad when situation come believe me or not , ir is same you are with me or against me , i do not like that , but you ask , what happens , but if you really want to know above story , you must have to know , most important to know what is happening to this life now . if you know this if you know this peace of life you know every thing about existence .

so how to know your self ! if i tell you you are soul you are beautiful you are love , you will say God is love , but how do you know , you will tell Krishna tells , Buddha tells , Jesus tells , but how do you know ? this is not disrespect but it is question from you .

Krishna was Jesus Buddha was 2000 years before , they live wonderful life , they said and they go .

Love is Human emotion , people if not love in their heart how they exported , Human can love immensely , if they no prejudice why it should come from heaven . if you have dog n home you love him immensely, dog is love no question .. i know but , ' god love you , i can not say . ' i am not saying he is not but how do you know you do not know ! this is not disrespect or indiscretion , this is to from how do you grow up , otherwise you have bundle of believes , , two wonderful believes grow up and get clash , both are know they are under believe . Both are Innocent , cause they do not do anything under crime , they act under their fixed believes , they are real religious people .

in one example , before attack on USA by Taliban , they live under innocence , nice guys they were , just before the Buddha statue were blasted that was the time . because attack was imminent they call for press conference about 8 of them after questioning by reporters to them , why , n what , about Buddha statue and about dealing with woman , and you are torturing this n that . whatever questions asking from reporters they reply Innocently , ' see this is not under crime , this is written here in holy book Koran , this chapter ...d......d........d..... and this is our believe and we just doing that .
when we looked them and their patterns of believes they genuinely saying it . they are not pretending people because they are taking lives , how group people take lives without great believes , they are not doing to just making up things , they are just believes it . why people take their lives that have no meaning to them !

it means a lot of them they firmly in Believe , isn't it .

but you think it is utter nonsense , m i right ! but it is not so for them ...

same as here other religious believes in world ...........

So here what i am saying lets not go with believe systems ,lets explore life by self . whatever you know initially there different phases of different great lives , Initially , they understand one thing they share their thought of , and out of context it can mean many things but after time it is completely out . time get changed Society get different parameters .. have many things different later .... it get different Opinions and analysis ...... actually during the marketing phase of Jesus , he talked about everyone to take them to heaven my father is in heaven or my god is in heaven , but later they said the heaven the kingdom of God is within you . and i am here with you .

yes or on!

he did right ! when number of people come with them , and every body was thinking he was taking them some where he turned around and said the kingdom of god is within you ... if it is with in you , you need method and way to turn invert . not about going some where .. whatever he might said it was totally out of context after passing years , some people get twisted again n again .. of few pieces of sayings without taking a whole context . what they said it could be completely different meaning tells by them , in that time . Look , it can happens always with anybody they tells to anybody .

Krishna , Buddha , Jesus and many more , they lived wonderful lives no question about that , but it your knowing your telling still a story , its beautiful n inspiring story , but still a Story , Story can entertain you , inspire you , but " can not delivers you " , 

that only can do your own experience not believes , only when you turn invert and you find " Kingdom of God " , only than it delivers you .

Om Pranam

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