Sunday, 9 February 2014

Inner quest and alive enlightenment (Osho)

Osho says, Inner journey is very simple has two steps .... First is a state of * doing; Second is a state of * non-doing.

State of Doing involves doing of certain techniques in presence of an alive enlightened being, It ends with appearance of No-Mind in the beginner or disciple.

State of Non-doing starts with appearance of No-mind in the beginner or disciple,

It involves let go,

let the existence act on the No-mind state of beginner or disciple,

let the existence take you wherever it wants to take you,

but the existence can not act on you if you have become the mind or ego,

so if you have become the mind or ego, go to the first step of doing.

* A beginner or disciple comes as an ego.

Ego is mind, conditioning, sicknesses – in short a hell. Ego is like darkness – one can not fight it directly.

This darkness need not be analysed, dissected, fought or dropped.

One just needs to bring a small candle of light of No-mind or alertness, And the darkness simply evaporates in the presence of No-mind.

One needs the presence of an "Alive Enlightened Being," This presence of an alive enlightened being is the essential thing,
Techniques and Therapies etc are the non-essential dead things.

** An alive enlightened being can not go everywhere himself,

So he creates mediums and therapist as passage of his 

presence, Mediums and therapist are not original as alive 

enlightened being, Mediums and therapists are never a 

replacement of alive enlightened being,Mediums and 

therapists are a passage for alive enlightened beings only till 

they are innocent. 

** Mediums and therapists lose their passage like quality 

once they leave the company of alive enlightened being – 

then they are of no help to new comer or disciples – they 

have betrayed the alive enlightened being – they should 

comeback to the alive enlightened being with a deep apology.

Om Pranam

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