Saturday, 15 March 2014

Note - Its long Journey to walk together on the path of Spirituality: three very precious pearls

Its long Journey to walk together on the path of Spirituality , with knowing that spirituality is core and Individual phenomena or event .. still we all walked continues with tight hold hands on misty road .. 

we are moving now towards gist of totality and efforts ....

Very first from start with Journey and till end ... SILENCE is our closest friend . Next is moving towards Inner light ... towards Heart not to mind .. after Next is we find three very precious pearls with all knowing fact you are @ come alone @ live alone and @ go alone ; 1- * be simple 2-* be real 3-* be in love compassion and gratitude . (this is enough to introduce with humanity )

To get above achievements , to get encounter with true one self , people use many many ways , according to instruction of their Guide may be Spiritual or physical trainer .
In the running to achieve targeted Goal, most of time we forget that goal is very close to us , just with in . and we get busy in search of all around , in places , in pilgrims , In shrines , In Temples .. and we get total disappoint with feel of emptiness .

till today i found with you , that Lamp is with in us , need Silence to see . and you are there in "a" moment ..

All Journey is miraculous like our Brahmand is and like that Our " Source" or life force . finally you have to loose everything , all colors , all emotions , all dresses , with all entire empty hands , you have to loose your Mind , your Hearts who are the prime Motivators of yours ... all Journey you will feel is just Mary_go_Round . no where you have to go , just here and very here you get everything . you will filled with blessings , happiness and joy .

you will also get this very intense feel that every one Phenomena was already with in you , nothing you have achieved from outside !

and than the Final encounter take place with you of you ... and you will get merged with Nature ..........

Om Pranam

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