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EARTH is the feminineprinciple & HEAVEN is the masculine principle (Net)

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EARTH is the feminine principle

EARTH is the feminine principle – love, creation, liquid movement, pure ecstasy

In all my work with women across the planet, I have come to realize how many women despise being born into a female body. Growing up at the end of Patriarchy, we find ourselves where we have political and economic power and a right to choose. Many young women look at their fathers and see them as capable and skillful in the world, while at the same time having an experience of one or more female family members who appear to be emotional and weak, depressed or filled with resentment.
No wonder that many girls choose to follow in their father’s footsteps and deny the feminine in them. This model of the feminine that we grew up with – a woman who is excessively emotional, weak in her self esteem and her capacity to help herself – is a creation of the collective unconscious. It may have been our experience of women, but it is not a true reflection of the feminine. This is the subconscious feminine.  In men the subconscious feminine similarly plays out as a waif-like dependency and indulgent emotionality.
When woman becomes more conscious, she starts to own her emotions and her power. She learns not to use her emotions to distract herself from what she is really feeling. She begins to feel and inhabit her body in ways that the subconscious feminine never could. She starts to drop into her heart. Lovemaking for her becomes truly an expression of love, and no longer just a desperate – and at time devious – attempt to get love, attention or acceptance. She discovers that she does not have to manipulate man to get power, and realizes that there is in fact tremendous power in her receptivity.  The same qualities of the conscious feminine – the capacity to love, to feel deeply and to be receptive – can awaken in man’s feminine aspect.
Finally, the deep feminine begins to wake up in us. The deeper we open to feeling sensation, the more subtle our perception of the body becomes. Layer after layer of the body opens up, in lovemaking and in life. We discover that this body, that I thought was my body, is so much more. We start to viscerally experience our oneness with the body of life. The deep feminine has a hundred thousand faces. She takes the shape of every creature, and every experience, in existence. She is the principle of power, the great mother, who creates all of existence. She opens to feel it all – in her body and in her heart. Her capacity to love becomes immense, cosmic, profound.
The feminine principle embodies Earth, which symbolizes all of creation. In deep embrace with the masculine principle, she is penetrated by his consciousness. The golden seed inside of him impregnates her with consciousness that creates new forms and new realities. Lovemaking that happens in this way is a wild, ecstatic, unpredictable, cosmic act of creation.

HEAVEN is the masculine principle

HEAVEN is the masculine principle in us an in our relationships – consciousness, stillness, bliss.
We all have both masculine and feminine principles in us. The journey for man starts with evolving his relationship with the masculine principle. In the beginning, that relationship is subconscious and based on societal prejudices such as that real men are alpha males with big muscles, money and empires. The subconscious masculine relates to sex as a predator activity. He is out to get what he wants for himself, sexually, and hardly even notices the response of his sexual partner.  In a woman, the subconscious masculine plays out as a rejection of all things feminine and a desire to be tougher and more powerful than men at their game. The subconscious masculine in a woman can become a predator par excellence.
When man’s relationship with his masculinity becomes more conscious, he gets interested in developing skillful action. He takes delight in becoming more efficient at achieving his goals at work, at home and in his interests. He also gets motivated to become sexually more skillful. He notices the experiences of his sexual partner, and strives to be a better lover. While this is an evolutionary step, the masculine can also get stuck on the level of skillful action. This creates a society based on competition, criticism and striving.  Women can recognize this level of their inner masculine development in a professional and personal goal-orientation that keeps us driven and disconnected from feeling.
Sexuality operated from the subconscious or even the conscious masculine tends to be too goal-oriented. It activates the flight-and-fight mechanism of the sympathetic nervous system, which causes addiction to sexual excitement.
The next evolution of the masculine is the deep masculine. No longer satisfied with proving his skills, the masculine starts to ask the big questions in life: Who am I? What is the point of my existence? How can I love with more totality? This is the beginning of the journey into awakening consciousness. The north of his compass becomes higher truth instead of achievement. Man develops real direction and clarity in his life.  He uses this clarity like a sword to cut through false beliefs and distractions.  Everything in his life comes to be in service of this one great question – the quest to know, and live as, the truth of who I really Am.
This quality of the deep masculine can develop equally in a woman and manifests as clarity and directionality inspired by deeper truth. A man or woman who has a deep commitment to awakening consciousness usually starts to cultivate clarity and consciousness through a practice like meditation.
In lovemaking, the deep masculine shows up as exquisite, unwavering presence. The penis becomes a vehicle of consciousness (in the East known as the Wand of Light).  All the clarity that man has developed through cultivating consciousness is directed through this penis into lovemaking. He develops great stillness inside himself and profound presence, even in the midst of uncontained movements of the body. His mind does not wander off and his heart stays firmly committed with his love, the one to whom he gives his utter devotion in the act of making love. This quality of unwavering stillness and resting in the deep cultivates a true state of bliss that activates the parasympathetic nervous system, or release and expansion system. The bliss of masculine emptiness, silence and presence opens up the feminine and pervades her body.
HEAVEN is the masculine principle in us an in our relationships – consciousness, stillness, bliss. He is like the great Lord Shiva sitting in total emptiness and serene bliss on the mountain in deep meditation, resting deep into the core of  Being beyond personality or even experience. At the same time, he finds himself in eternal embrace and deep love with Shakti, the feminine principle.

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