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Ramnak island Of Kaliya & Krishna's is in Jambudweep and Stretches Of Earth (my Article)

After  reading Half Information  about Ramkan Island   and how it is  related  with krishna's  child hood  and Kaliya mardan  ,  Just curiosity  arises and  it gives  thirst to explore  all about  this mysterious Island   of which evidence  can find  in Old  vaidik literature , In the process  read all very Information s of Earth and her tendencies  , when n who  decides   about all  theory  for Earth  she has  fix chakras  on fixed  locations .  and Ramnak island  location  and Importance  with  available evidences 

than i  starts to find it  here n there  random ,  very Interesting data  i find ; after my asking same  with them,  my kind friend share with me ,' read in  story  Kaliya mardan .'  i  went there , read that story again , but can not able to find my answer . but i find there One  direction  given by krishna to Kaliya  after Dancing on his neck  that snack get about to  unconscious . Than Krishna  told  to Snake Kaliya  ,' i am forgiving you .... ordering you to take your all poison  from Jamuna  and go to your place  " Ramnak Island " ....... 

after than i start research on Ramnak Island , where it was !

And i find  truly  beautiful facts ,  " The description of "DWARKA",the city that was submerged under the ocean ,is similar to that of Atlantis Ocean  of that time ." "However,this incident is supposed to be Ten thousands years old,where as Atlantis is one hundred and seventy five thousands years old."

"What is the "ATLANTIS?."

"According to Western Scholars 1,75,000 years ago there existed a HUGE island in the ATLANTIC OCEAN."

"The residents of the island were highly advanced on the SUPER-SPIRITUAL PLANE,and were most adept in a Occult and Paranormal Science."

"Their travel extended to other Worlds,and beings from other worlds also visited them."

"One night the island disappeared into the ocean."

"Along with that their entire race and civilization came to and end."

"Modern people have named that island Atlantis."

"Divne Saint Agasha was also a citizen of Atlantis."

Divine Saint Koman Coban was his Guru at that time,too,Divine Saint Koman Coban observed the activities of Agasha for 1,75,000 years."

"The Astral Regions are invisible to our Physical Vision and are Transparent to the Sun- Rays."

The Earth as the physical planet known to us including the continents of Asia, Europe, Africa and America surrounded with saline oceans is called Jambu dwipa.  

Not surprisingly, similar concepts can also be found in Chinese, as well as Native American mythology. In fact the MayanIncan and Navajo descriptions of the Earth closely mirror the descriptions of Jambu-dvip from ancient Indian texts!

This might be a reflection of beliefs passed on by oral tradition remembering the common origins of mankind or perhaps the wisdom passed on by Gods, or who knows, maybe even Aliens   ;o)

Jambūdvīpa continent has 6 mountains, dividing the continent into 9 zones (Kshetra). The names of these zones are:
  1. Bharat Kshetra
  2. Mahavideha Kshetra
  3. Airavat Kshetra
  4. Ramyakwas
  5. Hariwas
  6. Hairanyvat Kshetra
  7. Haimavat Kshetra
  8. Devkuru
  9. Uttarkuru )

In the case of the Earth they are  called Dwipas and are named Jambu-dwipa,  Shaka-dwipa,  Kusha-dwipa,  Krauncha-dwipa,  Shalmali-dwipa,  Plaxa-dwipa, and  Pushkar-dwipa

 {Image courtesy Hitxp Forum}

{Image courtesy Hitxp Forum}

Going Southwards from Meru, we first come across Kimpurush-varsha followed by Hari-varsha and finally Bharat-varsh
 which is the southernmost continent. In the North,Ramyak is the first landmass followed by Hiranyamay and Uttarkuru divisions (As a corollary, we get Kuru Varsha on the exact opposite side of India when mapped on the globe). 

Towards the East is Bhadrashva which would today lie somewhere in the Pacific Ocean and towards the West is Ketumal which would probably be submerged under the Atlantic Ocean of today. The image below has been taken from Hitxp forum and maps these descriptions onto the current World Geography. 

Let us first understand the exact arrangement of continents in this Super-continent. Broadly, the four landmasses of Bharat, Ketumal, Bhadrashva and Kuru are placed in the four directions, like petals of a lotus flower around the central pericarp of Meru (and Ilavrit Varsha). Let's see how it appears diagramatically.

"  The Veda is divided the continental land of "JAMBU DWIPA in to *seven parts , each being called a Varsha. 
These names are > * RAMNAK_Varsha,  * HIRNAYAMAYA_Varsha , and  * UTTARKURUS_Varsha lying north of NISHAD  , HEMKUT and the  HIMALAYAS  situated from west to east, probably corresponding to the present Europe,Central Asia,and Chiana including a part of Siberia."  * HARI_Varsha, * KIMPURUSHA_ Varsha, and * BHARAT_Varsha to their south,probably corresponding to the present Africa,Middle East and Far East including India respectively.They form the eastern hemisphere ." * ILAVRITA Varsha corresponding to the American continents lying on the western hemisphere." "SUMERU is the name given to the axis of the Earth."
"In Vedas The Seven LOKAS are named as  * Bhurloka, * Bhuwarloka, * Swarlok, * Maharloka, * Janaloku. *Tapoloka, and * Satyaloka. "
Earth with her seven dwipas constitutes the Bhu_loka, the sky 'containing 'the whole family of stars of which the Sun is one of the members is called Bhuwa_loka and is also called Antarikshalaka. The rest of the five are higher. astral regions enveloping the Bhuwarloka one over the other. Satyaloka is the highest Brahmaloka. 
"All the spheres are accessible after death to the Astral Bodies of Spiritual Persons,who rise up to them according to the Degree of Refinement of their Respective Astral Bodies (Linga Sharir)." (The above description has been given according to VYASA's commentary on Yoga Darshan(Sutra1(3-26).)."

(little long to read  but here we find  vaidik  geographical  evidences  of  when Krishna   order to kaliya  to go Ramnak Island )

Ramnak Island was  in Jambudwip  and Jambudweep is - the continents of Asia, Europe, Africa and America surrounded with saline oceans .  where the entire snake family was staying. (as per  that time era) . According to Western Scholars 1,75,000 years ago there existed a HUGE island

Now we come to the main point of earlier  curiosity  of the Chakras  places  of Earth and How Kaliya_nag existence  related with this places  of chakras  and  what is the  krishna want to point_out  in their Story   , it is like  a laying snack on Earth  and the Snack face  is  placed  very bottom  and  as every one knows  it is very poisonous  also .

It is  towards Ramnak Island  Saline  Ocean of Island 
  at the part of Jambudweep. That is Moolaadhar Of Earth .We should understand that owing to different arrangement of continents, most of Southern America, Afric and Australia were either located very different to their current positions OR probably submerged under water!

If this theory is correct, the reference to this Super-continent points to existence of an extremely ancient civilization that has retained the memories of a Global-Island or at the very least had the technical know-how to find out this pre-historic description ages before modern science!!
Coming back to the mystery of Jambudvipa

, most geologists claim that this is a cyclical process and in about 250 Million Years from now, all the continents would AGAIN come together to form a super-continent called the Pangea Proxima.

Jambu-dweep of Love
Jambu-dweep of Love

Just as the Jambu-dweep has split over the eons, so has the Human species and we are today divided into innumerable tribes, religions, races and nations. 

Now  one can start their Journey of Understanding of Earth  through step by step  you can see the   shape  and Places in  above picture  on the frame of  Old  Earth

( the above  link shown Physical changes  get over the period of million years  time  and what it may come in further million years )

Polar Projection of the present landmass

Polar Projection of the present landmass

Below these place  are today's Reality :
Chakra -1 Mount Shasta is a volcano located at the southern end of the Cascade Range in Siskiyou County, California. it is in United states  and after crossing  Atlantic Ocean .
On Earth Map  Chakra 2 -Svadhisthana- Lake Titicaca, Bolivia/Peru

Chakra 3 -Manipura- Uluru and Kata Tjuta, Austrailia
Chakra 4 -Anahata- Glastonbury and Shaftesbury
Chakra 5 – Vishuddha- Great Pyramid, Mount Sinai, and Mount Olives (Middle East)

Chakra 6 -Ajna- The Aeon Activation Center, mobile
top of the top   with all purities  Chakra 7 -Sahasrara- Mount Kailas, Himalayas, Tibet

Energy Points  and Gates Of Earth

Energy Points and Gates Of Earth

Whatever shape the landmasses take next I just hope and pray that by then, MANKIND has learnt to live in Love and Harmony!

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