Saturday, 1 March 2014

In the University of Lord , having The faculty of Colors - ( Note )

If anyone can not see the light , must need to check closed windows ...............Indeed ; everything is related with each other , every aspect every particle Shows the face of Lord things not give me power , they are only medium to pass Divinity ..

Indeed all Seven colors has have meaning and strength and effects also .. it is like many gifts unconditional gift to heal emotionally . 

If any one has Natural attraction or likes of any color or colors , it may describes in many ways in psychological way Of Human's life and also aesthetics describes in their ways , but in simple language , all colors present every time in nature , only particular color waves required different body in different frequencial resonances of strength that is the out come of liking of particular color for individual . and if this color sited in precious stones it is Included with energy . also . this color can take with flowers also , but they have limited life and energy . But stone and their lives much bigger . and energy is more centralized or focused . in pyramid shape . 

( Suggested ; Believe Only Glory of Lord , Naturally , do not believe in myths and marketing of products  as  color therapist (this post is not for product promotion ) ;use wisdom ,  they are just medium to heal more psychologically just try to explore gifts and their meaning naturally , given by Lord , your inner reflect all colors with in you , where in the Deep Inner Cave Lord resides )

Om Pranam 

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