Thursday, 6 March 2014

Note - The step-less path to Self-realization (do not be a part of a chain of hanging bears of One Tree ) :

The difference between religion and spirituality allowed me to discover my own experience of God's reality, and from this inner experience, to understand and embrace not only my own religious background, but all religions.I followed my heart's calling to study psychology and spirituality.

During the Course of Understanding or awakening ; do not indulge in False judgments for others it is Immaturity of Mind , because no need to follow blindly any ritual of any path may it is Religious or it is Spiritual or you are a Important part of any Path or any Religion . 

Pay respect of every path , because destinations is same of all , is any one need you give wholeheartedly support , without prejudice and pride . Basics of all are same we are one with ONENESS AND NOTHINGNESS. 

If you are seeking to understand the difference between religion and spirituality, look first within your own heart. If your spiritual or religious practice uplifts you, brings you comfort, peace, and helps you to love more and to be a better person, then you receiving the true benefits of God's love and healing presence.

If your spiritual or religious path encourages you to condemn or hurt others, or to see yourself as better than others, then spiritual truths have become distorted and you will at some point in your spiritual journey feel the limitations of this approach. It brings no true joy or love to criticize or hurt others. Judging and condemning is tempting but only serves to further darken your own heart and that of others. This also opens the doorway for the very same negativity that you are expressing to come back to you.

We reap what we sow, and the love, healing and positive energy that you share with others will come back to you in the form of abundance and blessing. The difference between religion and spirituality is in form only, for the true essence of all spiritual and religious practices is God. God's love profoundly heals comforts and transforms all those who seek to be nourished by the divine eternal flame of goodness and purity.

Love and respect all true religious and spiritual paths, and always listen to your own heart which is a part of God's heart. 

Om Pranam

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