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The Pathless Path -Note

The Pathless Path 


So that there is Mysticism , because , this Path is Path less Path, In starts In confessions seekers start their searches actually it is not Search , it is researches , but some how Individual is unaware about Path about signs .. In the Process they find many roots those gives different direction different ways different confusion also they serves . , here is Soul and their wisdom makes senses to them , their Institution Indicates , in the form of Frequencies , what is right and what is nor right to them .

Here is many souls In Human Bodies with very rich of self experiences and so that their experiences are also different different ... actually this direction is decided by your own strong and activated chakras .. it is very Individual , The Reason , One experience of this Journey is very personal , and can not applicable on all .

How to know which Chakra is Strong of any one !

very simple ; your own tendencies will show , of active chakras of your body .

Do not follow any one's Path and style blindly .. its serves you loads of confusions and no direction . 

The way to get on your path , believe On your self Only , your own inner being guide you . trust on yourself ( NOT MIND , mind is curious and logical , trust on own Intuitions )

to listen your voice you need to get Silent first , then you need to give time to yourself to explore your Inner for requirements of your mystic pathless path .
Believe it , when you start sitting sincerely door will get open one by one for you , signs will get visible to you , No confusions will prevail there . and you will find near Buddha frequencies

and The basic of door opening is key of Meditation .Only your own meditation can helps you Not even Guided meditation .

all outer Guidance is very liquidize , it may work upon you or may not according to your inner thirst , own vibrational needs . and availability of right person , all have great meaning . and this way it may be in your front many paths get confused to you .." from how i have to go " it may be confusions give you restlessness and it may lead to you wrong decisions in selection of Path . do not believe on any outer path ,very first all are primary and because this journey is not outer not physical , all is to inner cave and it starts from inner cave and it get end also their only . 

Best is Inner journey is yours you are director actor and story-writer also . make beautiful piece by you for you .

Rest of outer collections and practices just like high fly Imaginations of limitless and countless and it gives further confusions , to whom is right , to whom one will follow for what and form which extant .

It is your thirst , you have to drink water .. not on other's experience listening to how much it is soothing to drink water and how they feel after drinking water . you have to go to the spring (source ) by yourself , by your effort . only indications you may find in the Path of Mystic , be careful to see those signs ... because only those direction show you way .... 

Floating in Deep Silence will help you
Meditation will help you the saying of
Only Good mental and physical health help you ..

don't trap under any other's Imaginations in meditation , where your hearts allow , Allow yourself to fly or to dive . Faith and trust give to your right frequency.

Just believe yourself Like Buddha. and start your Journey as beginner was Buddha with four facts of life .

It is Pathless , because , Physical aspects can not takes leads anyway ... 

you have to take leap in the world of frequencies... and to catch those waves you have to leave all your physical believes ... and you can find also all with in you , how Yogi fly High ... and how Source is keen to embrace you ....

do not believe blindly to any one's personal experiences .. make your experience own specially " Imaginations " , to make them you have to need empty , empty from all prejudices.... make your slate clean first , than One is Ready to move on this Path ... All the best to all seekers .

On answer of Believes and beliefs : believes are not blind , belief is Blind , and after beliefs mind and heart is Only Obey Given Instructions as puppet ... whenever Believes serves set of Trust / Faith with matched frequencies to the Journey of seeker in the Path of Mystic ..

Only One,s Heart Chakra will able to Guide well ... my thinking No one outer force can lead in this path . at least Institutions may not .. Only n Only all are primary forces , Including Sd Guru ...........

In final leap all Impressions are Omit-able ..... 
Do you understand what i am try to commuting ? 

ॐ प्रणाम

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