Thursday, 20 March 2014

Go in ! (osho)

In the outer world communism is impossible. Inequality is the law; everybody is unequal in the outer world. Somebody is stronger than you, somebody is more intelligent, somebody is more beautiful, somebody is talented, somebody is a genius.... People are different, and they cannot be forced to be equal; that will be destroying humanity. They will remain unequal.

But in the inner, as you move inwards, inequality starts disappearing. At the innermost core there is absolute equality. Communism is an inner phenomenon.

That's why I am going to call my new ashram a commune. Communism comes from the word 'commune'. It is going to be an inner equality. People will remain different, as much as possible; in fact, as far as the outside world is concerned, everybody should have his unique individuality, his own flavor, his own signature. On the outside everybody should be allowed absolute freedom to be himself. In the inner, the ego disappears, the personality disappears, there is only pure consciousness. And two consciousnesses are not higher or lower. There is no hierarchy.

Don't go on counting other people's sheep. Go in ! 
Don't go on reading scriptures. Go in ! 
Don't go on listening to others' words. 
Share the way! 
If you come across a buddha you are fortunate. 
If you fall in love with a buddha you are blessed.
Don't just go on listening to his words. Follow the way, share the way ! 
Look where he is pointing, 
don't start worshiping his finger. Look at the moon ! 


The Dhammapada: The Way of the Buddha, Vol 1
Chapter #3
Chapter title: True or false
23 June 1979 am in Buddha Hall

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