Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Cosmic Turtle and four elephants in Indian Mythology : The Concept - Note

It is interesting to note, that Hindu texts talk about the Earth (land) being situated on the back of a Turtle which, to me, seems an allegorical representation of the slowly sliding Earth plates!!!

Earth plate on the back of a Cosmic Turtle

Tortoise-like slow movement of Earth's Plates

 Animation showing the slow movement of Earth plates

Shatapatha Brahman identifies Earth as the lower shell, the atmosphere as the body and the vault of heaven as the upper shell of this Cosmic Turtle. Also, the serpent around the world is similar to the  one in Norse mythology that binds Midgard or middle-earth together. Numerous other scriptures also give matching descriptions which, due to lack of correct understanding, were ridiculed by early European Historians.

There's nothing ridiculous about the descriptions from ancient scriptures; we only need the right INSIGHT to decipher their profound meaning!

Not surprisingly, similar concepts can also be found in Chinese, as well as Native American mythology.

This might be a reflection of beliefs passed on by oral tradition remembering the common origins of mankind or perhaps the wisdom passed on by Gods, or who knows, maybe even Aliens ;o)

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