Monday, 17 March 2014

Splendor of Source !- Note

Now .... whatever going to say ,In duality, those not get touched the right frequency , they may think its Bogus , because there is only circle_difference of mentality or frequency to understand ... nothing else .

Everyone knows the Truth is one , how ! when victims are of both sufferer and Joyriders .

this stage to feel both sides of fact and to ability to view both side and top view as single viewing is Possible through Meditation or Sakshi Bhav . 

In the process of rides among Source and up-to your daily struggles , one day its must get spark , that what is the actual prime fact . The sun is one ; rays come down and Spread in multiples On Earth , these rays are capable to touch even darker side of Earth , but the source is Only sun . And these rays are embrace all colors also , all source of fire and its also embrace water recycle . 

So that Rays are source of life , these rays are Source of Colors means Colors are the next symbolic of emotions and dealings of lives , but Prime Source is Sun Only ( here at this small explanation of power ). So that , Powerful Sun is worshiped by us ... as God but these Sun Moon and Planets all are just Pointer , moving our journey towards Main Source ; which embrace  thousands of Sun s with in , whom is the center of all Galaxies , 

Can you imagine Splendor of Source ! yes you can ... through meditation you can touch that . 

We lapse when we get trapped mentally or circumstantially in analysis of Daily lives Rays effects ex; daily uses of Astrology in people life .. is great example example because these are Immediate realities of lives , every ray has color of Hope color of Joy color of life or vis o vers . and our mind get tied within system , we get happy to safe our self from bad rays and More happy to grab Good rays effect in life , this is our total life and thinking pattern . and in this way with in under few curiosity and anxieties ; Most of us passes our lives . 

but that is not enough ! 

but when we start to reach step by step towards Origin . we find these rays get very small and cause of ray production is the Sun and for sun is very natural to produce rays , these are life source for Earth . Sun is Guided by his Own rhythm . and like this sun we have another suns they also Guided by natural magnetic forces . and all suns are working for central magnetic force . whichever we called Lord / God / Param / Om / and so on . 

in this Small Journey easily we found that our daily lives pain and pleasure which are very valuable for us and the major cause of Fear , In the God 's Kingdom these are very natural in flow and not divided in parts . they are one in force . this is our breaking concept , this our Brainy analysis of good and bad of colors . and escapism from Losses Grabbing of Gains also our mental Products . No that main Source concern at all , Nature is Neutral . 

Here we find also Our so called Prayers are very superficial Phenomena among Nature Balances . Multiple Gods and Prayers are Only kind of Strong human fear's by product of Limits low and
ambition of High fly . 

During meditation or Searching the oneself you may find the Glance of Source . Only than you may able to understand our wishes are meaningless and very worldly . after that i am pretty sure , you must forget to ask or demand daily wishes to main source ... forever !

Only One wish wish left remain in Heart for well being of entire Universe. rest of all just Illusive and fearful !!

क्या मांगू मैं उस खुदा से ये दोनों हाथ उठा के
दिल से उठी लब तक आते फरियाद बन गयी ।
" Samasta loka sukhinah bhavantu " 


(the facts in words is impossible to express Only frequency catch will help )

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