Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Look the Cleverness of human-minds - note

We are deep down bore-welled in wordily matters , even we do not want or able to come out .... but we are searching the same human being who can able to take our pains Only ,who have of all Qualities and Qualifications of Sd_Guru (we are not ready to loose any single profit_Idea) . why ? you are searching this person who are not in world with his life ? And look the height of selfishness , we sit his feet , we listen to him , and we come back in Original lives with same return Back Policy . No one Interested to Opt that highs of life that most of us get Involved in worship of these spiritual people . These worldly people have very limited desires to gain Peace only (though unlimited ) they want to live " ONLY " with all peace of mind and health , so that these people are in search of Sd Guru ! m i right ? and these rich shishyas ready to give any " $ Price" to buy peace.and Guru/ org. also ready to take any price by making them different decorative yogic and meditational sessions .

look as gist ; you are going in front of same human being those left the worldly life to see Illusive waves of life , he is Human like us .... but NO , who has time to think this way ...
these people get established as Divine sons , Spiritual Persons , some one get Thorn_crown of God ... after that they loose all controls up on their live , NOW they are no more under People category ......OMG . you give them live burial..... you are rejecting even Idea to accept them as Human ?

Which type of you are ? what you are doing ......Mad Human Brains ..... !!!! you are making and polishing a live Human Body and after converting them as GOD . because THEY WERE TRYING TO show YOU Fact in front of your Illusive Pains and pleasures .

Think ! Souls , Think of your acts n thoughts ! what you are taking and what you are giving ? some where in shadow of following and serving gratitude you serve Poison after receiving nectar . whosoever is serve you life you snatched from them ; their life to give them the gift of your devotion .

just think are you doing same ?

and just think also.... which type of Guru , you are in Search ... DO YOU HAVE SAME QUALITY AS SHISHYA ? if you are worldly shishya ... definitely you will find wordily Guru .... whats wrong ? you get back same as per nature's law .
. or vise o verse. if Wordily Guru will be in search of true shishya , how he will meet them? " Not Possible " , Nature is natural and Neutral, Give thousand times back same as you are , not per as you wished 


Live and let them Live

Om Pranam

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