Friday, 7 March 2014

Note - The highest state of love is not a relationship at all,it is simply a state of your being.Osho "

"The highest state of love is not a relationship at all,it is simply a state of your being...
~~~Osho "

ॐ :

Its a deep very deep inner state of Human being so that many time it is misunderstood in Ignorance , whatever we attempt to do or to inspire for , its very core to nourish ourselves , either it is love or pride , may be positive or may be negative , but it is very for ourselves it is true .! we can not love to others , it is our own being who is in love , to satisfying that being we get attempt to love as outer manifestation In duality .

it is same with other emotions also . may be it love or it may be anger ... ! all emotions resides first for our inner being and as manifestation they need external support .

it means when Human being love to others actually they are in loving with self if they are in stress they will fight as manifestation of their own anger .

Different emotions are acutely chemically mental states .

its like you feel hunger , than desire of food comes out , but it is your hunger you can not blame to neighborhoods for this . you need personally to do efforts to make you hunger free .

and frequencies of emotions are total different , frequencies if receiving by someone means they have some vibrational link on the subject , and their receiver catches that frequency . cause of particular emotion get manifestation .

Now when you get Irritate with some one , or feel love with any one ........ just think , it is your own inner being,s quality is first, which is reflects in your behavior ( if it is undue and need to check , check yourself first , rather show on others ) .

you can test it on any of your own emotion (not others) . you will get find , ultimately that emotion belongs only to you ,that emotion is rooted with in you only , only leaf is seeing as outer effect and you are most badly effected from that your own emotion .

egoistic emotions are the big cause of great miseries ...

check yourself before any bursting of source .... because after that only you will left to deal with effects upon you and upon your surroundings . 

ॐ : Be wise be safe

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