Monday, 24 March 2014

The intelligent way is to bring intelligence into everything that you do. Osho

The intelligent way is to bring intelligence into everything that you do. Walking, walk intelligently with awareness; eating, eat intelligently with awareness. Do you remember ever eating intelligently? Ever thinking about what you are eating? Is it nutritious? Has it any nourishment value'? Or are you just stuffing without any nourishment?

Have you ever watched what you do? You go on smoking... then intelligence is needed. What are you doing? Just taking in smoke and throwing it out, and meanwhile destroying your lungs? And what are you really doing? Wasting money, wasting health.

Bring intelligence in while you are smoking, while you are eating. Bring intelligence in when you go and make love to your woman or to your man. What are you doing? Have you really any love? Sometimes you make love out of habit. Then it is ugly, then it is immoral. Love has to be very conscious, only then it becomes prayer.

While making love to your woman, what exactly are you doing? Using the woman's body to throw some energy that has become too much for you? Or are you paying respect, are you loving to the woman, do you have some reverence for the woman?

I don't see it. Husbands don't respect their wives, they use them. Wives use their husbands, they don't respect them. If reverence does not arise out of love, then intelligence is missing somewhere. Otherwise you will feel tremendously grateful to the other, and your love-making will become a great meditation. Whatsoever you are doing, bring the quality of intelligence into it. Do it intelligently: that's what meditation is.

And Saraha's statement is of tremendous significance: Intelligence is meditation.

Intelligence has to spread all over your life. It is not a Sunday thing. And you cannot do it for twenty minutes and then forget about it. Intelligence has to be just like breathing. Whatsoever you are doing -- small, big, whatsoever, cleaning the floor -- can be done intelligently or unintelligently. And you know that when you do it unintelligently there is no joy -- you are doing a duty; carrying it somehow. 


The Tantra Vision, Vol 2
Chapter #8
Chapter title: Love makes no shadow
8 May 1977 am in Buddha Hall

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