Saturday, 10 May 2014

Warfare of Sage's Minds

Scriptures says , " the great efforts of the sages through the warfare to solving mysterious knotts of self , in the relations of other's undue help of society ; in the context of Source . "

the way of solving knotts , against of their true efforts , finally they served more complications in the form of layers to the Society . 

as we see many time with human minds ( in general ) , during exes of explanations , gradually expressions get more dense and complicated , words get tired plus mind get restless but explanation of subject ... deserted as it is .... unexplained !!... so same it happened here with Sages during explanation of Mystic Source also . If entire source of shastra of world of all religion get collected unitedly , even though they can't explain successfully about the Single entity . 

Only one book is able to explain and that is " Blank "

actual the thing is not much complicated perhaps simplest ..... 

even scriptures says , take essence from me , do not get trap in warfare of depth and breadth of minds ... words are by product are human mind , expressions are through tongue ...

if anything is worth to catch that is waves... frequencies.... fragrance ....

Thats all ..... " " / Hu  is sufficient , more than any canticle. 

" ॐ "

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