Saturday, 31 May 2014

Total surrender and Total understanding

When i say that Buddha says about total surrender and total understanding , here is no bald-line space left for further extra analysis the term which is linked with heavy meanings and objects .

Buddha says total surrender ; means all those activities from mind and heart which is giving illusion " yes ! i am doing and results are highly disappointing or vise-a-versa . " and due to wisdom all are becomes illusive by the feel of Only karma of this moment is in our hand . neither past nor future . if my mind is over occupied with results fear , this is cause of free running of catalyst maunda . 

once i know my limits , i m able to understand the term total surrender . just try this principal of neti-neti , what is done by you ? breath , hunger , feeding , any body intakes and outs . feels through senses , even mind;s thoughts process , maunda's running s , what are performed by you . "you " means " soul "

nothing is performed by you all are under presumption . without senses you are nothing and without your senses ; you are useless .

this acceptance with knowing not by force by accepting our limit is total surrender .

total understanding is what ? now i understand my limits , but i have so much gifts to use with in life , God gives me strength to live , hope to survive , and mind to serve humanity , my mind have tremendous potential , i have many abilities whatever i can serve to society in many ways ( few are nature lover few have mathematical brains , and few have artistic interests , few are perform better with Science world and few can serves through Spiritual inclinations these are born qualities ) if thou gives life he gives parallel many gifts also , so that humans able to create best for them .out of all nature-furies .

but with this finest natural ability , one have to understand realty also , and this is total understanding with total surrender . and finally with these understanding people able to allow themselves for free fall .

Free fall :

living with out fear comes Automatic when we start living with present ,and rest is under surrender .

very simple meaning is only live in present , enjoy present , results are not in hand and past is also not present .

this is our limit and life is Spontaneous. that is .

free fall is ; to allow yourself , without any bondage of past or future . rest is not in our hand only one step is in our reach .

And after touch that wisdom point ; any one can feel - karta-bhav (self doing ) is illusion , fears are also related with self doing illusion because fears related with results and Karta (doing) appears as Personality . and finally Understanding is all are only Illusive .

Only one's acceptance of reality  can left among all dreams or illusions . is One source and one energy .

In picture shown , how wordily affairs left behind and soul with wisdom move ahead )

all the best to all

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