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Mindful_quarrel among Human Vegetarians and Nonvegetarians

What food for Human ! is very prominent discussion among religious , spiritual and atheist and in general also ... i did little home work , through net explore habits and food chain plus energy transfer areas of world .. you find mindfully ; where you are ! 

I find broadly 3 categories .. naturally A- Trophic Levels -1- producers 2- composers 3- decomposers .

according to from birth things are naturally settle in minds of users or consumers  Gifted by nature ..

Primary Producers, also known as autotrophs, make their own food. They make up the first level of every food chain. Autotrophs are usually plants or one-celled organisms. Nearly all autotrophs use a process called photosynthesis to create “food” (a nutrient called glucose) from sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water.

The second trophic level consists of organisms that eat the producers. These are called primary consumers, or herbivores. Deer, turtles, and many types of birds are herbivores. Secondary consumers eat the herbivores. Tertiary consumers eat the secondary consumers. There may be more levels of consumers before a chain finally reaches its top predator. Top predators, also called apex predators, eat other consumers. 

Consumers can be carnivores (animals that eat other animals) or omnivores (animals that eat both plants and animals). Omnivores, like people, consume many types of foods. People eat plants, such as vegetables and fruits. We also eat animals and animal products, such as meat, milk, and eggs. We eat fungi, such as mushrooms. We also eat algae, in edible seaweeds like nori (used to wrap sushi rolls) and sea lettuce (used in salads).

Detritivores and decomposers are the final part of food chains. Detritivores are organisms that eat nonliving plant and animal remains. For example, scavengers such as vultures eat dead animals. Dung beetles eat animal feces.

Decomposers like fungi and bacteria complete the food chain. They turn organic wastes, such as decaying plants, into inorganic materials, such as nutrient-rich soil. Decomposers complete the cycle of life, returning nutrients to the soil or oceans for use by autotrophs. This starts a whole new food chain.

Food Chains

(below are four different pictures collected  from net try to explain uses and loses in the circular  journey  of  from sun to sun )




Different habitats and ecosystems provide many possible food chains that make up a food web.
In one marine food chain, single-celled organisms called phytoplankton provide food for tiny shrimp called krill. Krill provide the main food source for the blue whale, an animal on the third trophic level. 

In a grassland ecosystem, a grasshopper might eat grass, a producer. The grasshopper might get eaten by a rat, which in turn is consumed by a snake. Finally, a hawk—an apex predator—swoops down and snatches up the snake.

In a pond, the autotroph might be algae. A mosquito larva eats the algae, and then perhaps a dragonfly larva eats the young mosquito. The dragonfly larva becomes food for a fish, which provides a tasty meal for a raccoon.

(Source : National geographical Science )

above is scientifically description of naturally allotted Food for survivors by nature ..

Now because we have extra brain to think extra , we need more churnings to conclude ...

We get divided into * Vegetarians and *nonvegetarians and ** mixed also some time veg some time nonveg . 

we are so desperate to show powers (other than food too and that is human basic weakness ), we get dive into sea and take out fishes , we fly over sky and roast the Birds , then we walked over earth and decide to eat animals and other creatures including humans . but we do not want to feel looser , so we captured authority on Primary_Producers , because they can not walked away , so all comes under farming Naturally delightfully human get farmers and those tried to run from us to save them all comes under hunting . ( just think ! about human's nature of destructions ; psychologically )

Constitutionally our body does not allow us to take animal's meat , our structure of intestine our constitution of teeths are saying we made to eat direct from producers . but in the process of power exhibitions (power exhibitions also human weakness)  and using weapons to survival from another wild and powerful beings , it was our fear in  stone age ;  is continue  in modern society too ... 

we start to eat flesh directly plus we did loads of research on captured ; to make them tasty , so that we used spices to make taste . Involved  cooking , human find better hygiene in intakes after cooking or boiling this way fresh cooked food get free from bacteria . it should consumed before start decomposing process . 

Now point is come , why few people eat vegetables only and why few people  are in favor of meat intakes ?

Our  socially  living pattern are  dominated  to show with power exhibitions , in different areas ;   some how , eating meat is just very small  indication  of that kind of domination-skill .  it is so much deep rooted  even  we never think this way  before eating meat .. we accepted   nonveg foods  as part of our normal foods . 

As usual human have diversity in nature in logics in beliefs ... so even to take vegetable people get divide in religious views , few religion gives maximum disbalance for vegetarians also . do not eat after sunset and before sunrise . , covered nose and mouth from cloth to avoid swallow invisible flying objects .. 

** as austerity very few set of groups start thinking ; they will take food only which is offered by plants in the form of either grind floor pulses , spices or row fruits . 

after this jain's concept people get total disbalance and its look big china wall behind jainism and Normal Vegetarians consumers , " nonvegetarians are just out of court " , at the level of acceptance by vegetarians ! 

Another Strong  Religious beliefs ; Muslims views are much different , those Muslims are very thoughtful and religious who take meat of Halal in the place of jhatka , because they provide facility to animal if they can save their lives or if Allah want to give them lives , they authorised to run . (it may be another way to show power exhibition By human minds ) 

China alike countries  the have total different nonveg  food consuming patterns .

....Among load of religious disbalances , you find your balance ! between veg and nonveg .....

Perhaps my belief is direct meat consumption is bad for Human basic nature , Flash is direct energy from the part of energy transfers chains some are coming from hot minds powerful aggressive bodies ... can only transfer aggressions desperation . (because consumer don't have Idea from where energy get transfers in piece of flash ) , 

though direct  producers serves coolant plus energy to mind and Body..  with only  our made condition is if we do not  use  harmful pest control's . (again using harmful chemicals not direct producers decision  it is human minds product )

Now ; as usual you have brain .... use for think , what is Good for you ! 

Ps : Only Food from direct producers are comes under green or veg. food , even milk and milk products are not comes under green food .

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