Tuesday, 27 May 2014

That is Awakening !!

Right now, reading on one  link , Given by friend !.. title was " The Awakenings " based on details of personal awakening based on one's personal past life regressions, yes ! definitely it is good always to be positive , and do love yourself , it is first start and last leap also in the direction of awakening .

after reading all, i was much impressed about write up , nicely taking small points of disappointments and appointments of life of writer, 
i find personally , there was real hard work in findings  best only for self and all about collection of learnings through experience , those who read of that and able to correlate  among circumstances  , they may get benefits  also .

but that is not definition of  awakening but all condition was just before of bloom . just Soul trying to touch hard to come out from mud and to touch that peak point of wisdom ....

Final awakening blooms , like "
Rose " above and passed through narrow veins of pains  and  thorn of experience . rest of all "Walk of Path" . 

In the reality of awakening is - there is no past pains , no future gains , other than no calculation left behind of pains and gains , no left worries ,all hangouts get over , , all personal learnings done , no need to look back... all are hanged much behind in life-walk ... and life-moves-On ..... for any reason , no need to look back , if you feel still turn back, than you will find also that pain still left and stand there and in wait also to " come and feel me !!" , in a very finest weaving of life is do not look back , do not run faster in future .. just live in NOW . (EVEN NOT justified SHARING EXPERIENCES ) , Share your wisdom not pain , share your nector not wax . 

My experience is enough to teach me ,when once i get dived in the Ocean of wisdom , swimming is part of diving , i learned to not worth to repeat every time ( any pain any wound of past if you are inspired for means still you have pain ; check !! ) , 

These are essence of life ... for self only not as telling story every time , and you know the meaning of essence is fragrance is after blooming lotus heart . " my self is born from mud experience, true but now i am happiest and beautiful flower . and now my fragrance for all , Fragrance of peace , fragrance of light and fragrance of calmness ....and my beauty is ready for worship , and all surrender in the feet of lord. 

Teaching is 

I am Not in Past (that is gone )

I am Not In Future ( that comes under dreams )

I am in today , " in this moment i am alive " . and thats all ..... 

Sharing wisdom make sense .if needed it may to heal Other's wounds ..Stop to share always your past experiences , its again type of worldly selfishness , where one can see only self . world is full of diversity of lives experiences and circumstances also many and different . So One's experiences are very personal . they cant helps . 

If needed by someone , Soul's wisdom can help a lot . Wisdom is pure and connected direct with source . 

As i feel .. pure wisdom (not under manufacturing) is to Spread Only Fragrance . Awakening-is-Connection-linked-permanent-with-source , the awakened Soul may think ," now i'm powerhouse.. now i'm not tiny shaky flame .. dim lights already weak can't give helping spark ... Now Under strong healthy life-spark people may come with dim lights and get charged again to live life back." and this Soul's efforts to gives strong sparks to other lives for their life is wisdom and That is Awakening !!

Om Om Om

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