Saturday, 31 May 2014

Vibrations of Negatives and Controls

Energy  and  Energy Flow  and effects in surroundings 

As is in one cell , so that Universe 

Not forget : if we can  produce  negative vibes  also  can generate positive , positive and negative are  two directions of one  thread . when we connected with our Source ; we move upward  and when we connected with world  of desires and  lust  , our  fears  are more powerful than  we moves to downwards .....keep in mind ;  upward  is positive  and downward is negative .( remeber , nothing is related with pictorial upward and downwards , all are Internal conditions)

For Sure !! All fears and emotional setbacks  becomes  illusion  under  the shelter of pure wisdom only , not before that !

Fears are vibrational  , very true ,  all those things  which are concern  with frequencies  are vibrational ,  so that fear also , it is direct  linked with Bhava  and Bhava  itself  is frequency . 

vibrations are two directional , one is connect to you with world and other is connected to ultimate source . when you connected with world , you will automatic get connected with wordily desires fears and unlimited efforts... and on other hand , once one get connected with Source , Slowly all fears comes illusive . all desires become faded , they can not serve pain at all . even , one is live in world 

(with all 7 chakras wisdom lives  within )

Now point is : how to convert fear into positive believe?

Among 7 chakras   each chakra is associated  with concern  vibrational  or frequencies  deal . many of us known  about  all chakras  again i am repeating ..  from down to  up 

1-  Mooladhar          (  root  )
2-  Swadhishathn     ( spleen) 
3-  Manipur             (  solar  )
4-  Anahat chakra   (  heart  ) 
5-  Vishudhhi          (  throat ) 
6-  Agyan                ( brows )
7-  Shastradhar        ( crown ) 

Every chakra  is  correlated with back bone and  energy flow is through sushmna nadi with the help of Ingla and Pingla (Name  of Important Nadies  which are flown  parallel both side of Sushmana) .  Through  Sushmana-nadi  all energy center  direct connected  with brain , the brain who are the main  pilot  of our travel-medium body .  

** each and every positive  vibe  give  them  life  and strength .  and  negative vibes   can convert in positive  band  through  intake of  positivism  with every breath  , and negativity will comes out  if one is  fill with positivism .  

for fears  we will work on two chakras * Spleen  and Heart,  heart is energy center  and spleen need  power  from heart .  this  power of transmission can do only in dhayn or meditation .

One can give strength  to weak area  through chakra  treatment . Fear is the place of . Must say  correction will  start with dhyan on effected charka , bhav chakra is in Heart and  Naval point  is the place where all fears lives . through the power of  dhyan here give power to yourself on these points positively . your correct effort will show you strength with in . .

Now point is what is Dhyan  ? and how it can perform  ?

very initially ,  I must say Dhayn / Meditation is self introspection and  pure  inner being , it is state of mind , not performance .self exploration is Dhyan .  From here is the  center  of power ;from where  you send  powerful vibes  with-in throughout body ,  With patience you have to sit on Dhyan . All answers are with in you only , because  if all questions come s from you  all answers must come out from you only  only your inner being will guide you , All powers are with in ..  rest of all outer helps are just supporting staff. 

continue .........

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