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The Soul's talk

19 February 2012 at 07:08 PM
The Soul's Talk: My  last six months (in old body )  and first six months (in newborn body

S.S. (Super Soul ) and Me (Soul)

Last six month of my in a body :
I am in great pain , my Body is getting weak , I use it as tool  I want  forcefully  throughout my life , I never bother much  why I am in it what is the purpose to acquire  it , why I made prayers to God  to give me proper family  proper womb . God give me  all according to my Destiny … I lived  79 years in this Body .. now I am going to complete 80 years in few months .
Throughout my life  I was in thirst  for my unfulfilled wishes , I was in pain  for my Physical Illness … now I am more ill , I can feel  time of the Body who was allotted to me  is going to finish , My body is dyeing  slowly   , Medicines are  not responding as they used to respond earlier. From past few days bed soars are appeared , Oh …. My illness  my soars   are much paining , I knew it I am  beautiful  soul ,  this pain is nt in me but  feel is intense …

Ohhhh !!

Death is knocking my Door, why my feel is saying forcefully my body my beloved are where all!! no one is close  to me , every one is sleeping … they have no idea my depart time is very close ( my depart time !!!!) what I am saying !!!

Ohhhhhhhhhh…… Aaaaaaah ……… this  is my laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasttttt……… Breath …………

I am Ether Now:
“My soul there is an image of you on each side of six sided mirror cube that we call a universe.

I am floating around my Body … my beloved are now get collected but my most favorite …. Where is  he !!

But why I am thinking all … I am beautiful soul !!! something thread  is this that  I am taken from departed Body…

I have no body , no heart, no brain, what is trying to be with me ? Oh Supreme Soul  ; Please Guide me !!

S.S : this is your karmas  and destiny !.....

Me: Oh .. Ok .. but I don’t want to look back!! There were multiple pains.

S.S: No Need To Look back, My Dear!!  just look Down !!!  (with ever mysterious smile) .

I looked Down:  OMG … SO Beautiful world is, so Colorful … I want to live here again..from where I am coming ….. !!!!!

Oh Sky, without me, do not change, 

Oh Moon, without me, do not shine; 

Oh Earth, without me, do not grow, 

Oh Time, without me, do not go. 

Oh, you cannot go, without me.” 

O, Indeed ….. Yes ~~~~

This time I will live more wisely..

 (I think I read my Thought so that S.S. smiled  and ask)

S.S : Do you want to Go  Down Again or do you need rest !! 

ME : YES , I need Mortal Body  to feel this Beauty , I Must have to go down .

S.S. : THEN , you  need to choose  womb for you  .

ME : can I  ? (Happy with smile)

S.S : Yes you can; according to your destiny.
Me : thinking > ( I  will select this time  best  womb  to me )

( I Chosen  a  womb according to my destiny )

Me : thinking > (so what !! I know how to live  there , I am going  to attract  with soulfulness of earth , love is there , beauty is there , and my motive is with me )

S.S. : What you think  !!! motive  , in this departed  body u forgot , remember !!  you  get attracted there  from many illusions , now .... where are they, no one is with you  ? 

Me: I saw around  and  thinking > (Oh… yes !! those were very  important  for me ,  where are they !!  society  religion  values , where are all , my wife my son my daughter , my beloved  where they are !!! nt with me ) this time I will strictly Follow as  whatever S.S. says  .... actually ... I love  wind , I love nature , I love  to my Growth , I need more to learn For more learning I need Body again ,

I must do this time  best to me   without fail.

Yes … I will , yes … I will , yes … I will .

 ( again  S.S. smiles )


Me : I will go DOWN  , in Healthy Body and Healthy Mind  with your Blessings .

S.S.: O. K .  ,  listen carefully  as  I told you earlier , this time again I will  remind  you ,  whichever womb u selected,  destiny will go with you , Don’t forget your Actual Motive because Maaya is  very powerfu
she will grab your Mind n Heart ,  like before .

Me: thinking > (yes … yes…. Yes… not this time, I am more intelligent now )

S.S  (Smiled): I am  informing you everything  related to your new Body ,
                    you also have to know about the Body , the seed of Body chosen by you 
                    it has few generic  problems . its life cycle is  90 years this time , you must have to
                    complete  all your  targets   during the  Age  Given by destiny and by  generic .

Me : Ok , I will take care full of your words , thank you S.S.

S.S : Blessing !

And  next moment ……………I am …… where !!!! …….. this is some very dark place …. Can listen few sounds , whats this !!

S.S : Son , this is  your pre-selected  Womb …

Me : I am happy  to come back again  on earth , I can  feel again  all beauty of  earth through my sense , thank you “S.S.”

Soul’s rebirth:

whats going with me ,
some one is pushing me and   some one is pulling ….. Oh …. Oh ….. Oh …….
some one  has  caught  me ….ha ha ha ha ha ……(Great laugh ) wonderful ......all is so shine , I can feel now , I can see the world now , I can touch , I can hear the voices , ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (great laugh) ,these are my legs,  hands,  eyes,  my fingers, How Beautiful I am .  
Me: S.S. thank you for everything.

S.S.: God Bless my child !!

( my days are  passing all  Joy  with S.S.,  I have all  ... what I want )

But these people.... who are they !! what they  are trying to say some thing  , they have  strange   sounds , I can catch smile , I can  catch laugh , I know they are very happy with me , but why ?

Me : Oh …S.S. what I do ?

S.S. :  As  you start  to use  the way of these sounds , immediate , you will forget   your all  memory of past as  Either .
Me : No , please No , Do not go away , I beg you !

S.S.: My Child , I will be there with you , you are not alone , but  you need to effort to be with me .

My new life  begins  with new Body , new happiness , where  definition of happiness  get changed , even I Do not aware  about this transformation  , I Forget , who am I , and from where  I am !! what was my Motive !! , I am doing love my relations much , I like my culture , I love my happiness , I love to look Beautiful , I love to wear new new clothes , I do nt want to be Sad , only one thing getting upset to me that is ..  I hv no control over sadness and illness, but my effort to be happy and healthy at max…………………… I love travelling, I love eating, I love to give respect and to give respect, other hand … I hate …. This , I hate …. That ….. bla …bla…. bla ….. !!

Knocking ………. Knocking …………… Knocking ( is this only whatever you wanted )  


Gist :
Awaken MY memory of the infinite connection to source and beauty....its ALL within ME...♥

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