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Hinduism the way of celebration in diversity

Many times our many friends of other countries get mesmerised , why Hindu have so many Gods and Goddesses , whenever Hindu also believes in final one Source ... (even some time lack of information our kids gives birth of unfaith)

very easy to track the answer because :

Sages mind was brilliant and sharp , and general public was unaware simple follower of sages verdicts , so that , they felt some rituals are required to control morality of society .

On the basis of their austerity , they divided the sources of energy in form of devotion its a best psychological way to get involved to general human being with all morals, who are full of desires and fears . in process of division of One Energy . they filled colors of emotions through Good and bad divided energies , male and female energies .

This way Big shraddha is also get divided in small divine energies with separate departments ... its a kind of complete administrative controls ; as human is doing with their local administrative controls over bodies .

another human psychological aspect was , minds are very different performers and same their dedications normal humans serve their devotion under fear and circumstantial according to need they do worship of separate entity though all are one in top .

Sage filled colors in god and goddess through filled emotions and seasons with help of nature in the form of many type of food and flowers for worship . this way Indian Lords and Devis are powerful and colorful . every god and goddess have emotion as human being with extra divine power . perhaps finally Lord shiva is One with shakti merged within him itself .

and with all religious flavor Sages makes perfect couple of each god , so that it gives massage to society they also follow their devotion way to live life with one only . Rigved is especially clearly mentioned about social values ... below abstract in Hindi ..

ऋग्वेद १०। १०५।८ एक से अधिक पत्नीयों की मौजूदगी को अनेक सांसारिक आपदाओं के सादृश्य कहता है |

ऋग्वेद १०। १०१ ।११ कहता है – दो पत्नियों वाला व्यक्ति उसी प्रकार दोनों तरफ़ से दबाया हुआ विलाप करता है, जैसे रथ हांकते समय उस के अरों से दोनों ओर जकड़ा हुआ घोड़ा हिनहिनाता है |

c. ऋग्वेद १०। १०१ । ११ के अनुसार दो पत्नियां जीवन को निरुदेश्य बना देती हैं |

d. अथर्ववेद ३ । १८।२ में प्रार्थना है - कोई भी स्त्री सह – पत्नी के भय का कभी सामना न करे |

through Gods and Goddesses and their divine stories ... Sages try to put morals in society . another motive was it give the cause for celebration some time birth some time marriage , some time seasons sometimes festivals . this way daily life of Hindu get filled with color of rituals . without thinking much what to do for happiness they just required to follow Hindu festivals worships and seasons for celebrations .

So , now it may get cleared for unknowns fellows and curious friends over why and how about Indian Gods and Goddesses so many and so colorful . this one is very famous Indian Philosophical sentence is " where is fume there is must fire " if fume of divided gods are present in society than must be one flame is also here behind and above of all energies .

In Indian religion every aspect is full of logic and for cause . nothing is useless or out of logic . they have had great Idea , great minds . No doubt . 

this way as gist we can say, " Indian Religion is the way_of to celebrate life and to live life with festivity ." only the thought is nature of dust is to collect and get settled over the period of time . just need to remove that . 

ps: One may obey or not , follow or not , belive or not , it is very individual choice (specially it is liberty for hindus also ) always Involve your soul while making judgments and must get away with mind and maunda race .

ॐ ॐ ॐ

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