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Its A Conversation with Universe :using Wordily World ( to Understands )

Its A Conversation with Universe : Wordily World ( Understands )

Updated about 7 months ago

As General Human feels God and Goddesses are two energies and they functions together to make discipline in Universe and they lives only pure and sacred places and that is temple Only , Pandit and Pujari also says God resides In Rituals, In Vedas, In mantras, In temples . An Artist feels deeper , God is resides in their art eg; Musician feels God is resides in Beats / Sargam , Dancer feels God is resides in their dances , Painter feel God resides in his hand and Colors , Poet feels Thy resides their Heart and thee manifestation is In Poems, Warriors , politicians thinks God resides In their Patriotism and victory and every thing is fare to achieve their Goals . New dimension get developed is sub-root of Vedas Literacy is Education is as PROFESSION for Earnings . and all mix n matches of Above Only . And Gods and Goddesses also get divided according to their functions ' For Better God's Management ' eg; 

Brahma and Sarasvati for Education and Art , Vishnu and Laxmi for running well with prosperity of Universe , Shiva get Active in time of running and for destroyer till rebirth of Universe and Shakti / parvati is with him as his power . and All deities are Under control of Main Three Gods and their Better-Halves Goddesses ,Its total Official / organisational Management. and its very easy to understand functioning to General Public too under philosophy whatever we see we can understand only that way. 

( if we see deeply above management In Society is based on general public to penetrate their thoughts deeply in roots of Minds as Sanskaara ) . 

and Above Brahmand / galaxies ; same thy resides in each particle and cell , also resides in each hearts in formless . and thy manifestation are Energy and Love . Peace is Ultimate fruit of All . so that Science is much Closer to Spiritualism . 

_()_ Om Pranam _()_ Friends !!

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