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Spiritual & Psychological Healings

Today , I am going to share very important  discussion with you friends !  though it is regular  seems   happens  daily around us in news  form in our surroundings  , but still  difficult  to digest  some one who are  direct sufferer , who lost someone  which is  very close in relation , for them   to lose beloved may get very traumatic .  one can move down  towards depression in lack of psychological support . This kind of crashed emotions  appears after  to lose  someone  who were  very respectable  and very lovable  in family  and  can say they were live just next to heart .

Whenever  anyone face  Death  of some near_one  , though  all know  the  ultimate of fact is  separation final reality is separation  but still  our emotion get cracked  completely  to see going some one in front of  our eyes, they think what's going wrong with them ! perhaps ,  The Death is universal  fact , but in knowing everything in the presence of unrealization  and Unawareness  affected  person get shattered , emotions get cracked and wounded  , life becomes not worth to live more . but reality is much different ,River of life  (named in Hindu shastra is Vaitarni River ) still in flow . Nature is  soft as  she is most cruel. she is firm what she is doing . wise people  accept changes as they are  ......

what we have to do in this situation ! for them , who are still living unawarely ... We can provide     through our unconditional love and support all healings ...  to improve  their living quality of painful and unbearable  condition of souls , definitely !

during  performance , three bhava are essential  in  cushion providers .  1- Awareness 2- Competition 3- Psychological understandings .In this performance , One need to vary balance  in act ;  during dealing with imbalanced ....Very first thing is  to keep in mind  direct demonstrations never works , person get reject  even to listen  those  ultimate definition of facts . but we can not leave those  persons because they are life to us , we can not see going to shattered them , this way .Than !

Top of the top , just remember our shastras  verdicts , In Geeta  through The  Man Krishna , when Arjuna  lose  his  young son Abhimanyu   in battle field , and he get total shattered  to see insane  acts with his dead Body ....  what Krishna does   for  provide emotional cushion   to Arjuna , because to see ferocious  scene in field ; their  Psychological condition get worse , he was not able to hold  arrow in hands , body  lose all power  within seconds . ( that is psychological impact on human minds ,very first to lose dear  and  next all  are  unpredictable , and shock is sudden  impact )  here is what krishna did   is admirable !  (even psychologist follow the same way today ,to console in same situation trapped  wounded  souls ) .  they walked to heaven with arjuna , where  arjuna seen his son in happy mood .  Though abhimanyu was recognising and considering him  as  his father . but not as a worldly  relation , abhimanyu  was considering  him  more  towards as soul . ( mind it its all not magical  just frequential  and psychological performance ) , to see his  son happy and in peace , arjuna  get sudden power back , whatever they lose  during  to see grisly scene with relatives )........

below we  try to understand human aspects  covers here  psychologically 

1- here is  arjuna  normal human being , same effect are appearing upon him 
2- abhimanyu  was  very young , brave  and  he was morally  fought with non moral values . 
3-arjun was  full of father feel ( to protect to save  to love  to prayers  for long life  for kid )
4- cruel and insane act  shatter human psychology  everytime every where  (in human world) ..
5-krishna  feels  necessity  to healing touched  for arjuna  for further his life  and move .
6- before taking  heaven ride with arjuna ,krishna try to console many ways (as  to give  psychological platform to arjuna  )   
7- next  step was , krishna  takes him   with  self  for heaven  ride .. where  by his own eyes  Arjuna able to see son again , in energy form , in happy mood .. here  abhimanyu recognize  them , but not as father , he treat them as  another  energy . 
8- to see reality  Arjuna's  fascination get  fade away , he understand  reality of life . he gave blessings  and come back on  Earth (means his  frequential return on Earth)
9- Now he get changed  totally , Now  he  was more  duty conscious  rather find himself in emotional trappings .

" keep in mind  always  our Psychological angle of  Shastras , during use  analytical mind "

now  we will try to understand , How Geeta  works below  here ........ 

In Modern Science  and  In the subject of  psychology , The Psychologist  have  planned  some  session called ' regression sessions' . handling  of these session  depends  on case ,  and which type of problem person are in face .

If it is , trauma  to lost  Dear ,  in accident   or sudden illness , or long illness . but ultimately  their mind  and heart not ready to accept  current situation.  and they are not ready to listen   any voice .

than ! what to do ?

Under these  special  circumstances ,  Spirituality  also  big healer  or can say gate  of wisdom .where one  can face realty  direct  , with Self-Regressions  .  I must  have to say ;  this  is  a great  opportunity to conversion ,  to  divert ,  to open lotus  petals and  to enter inside of  wisdom gate .

In Spirituality ,  Guided Dhyan   can  do miracle in these complex situations ,   same  results  can be taken  with experienced Psychologists , with  the help  of their   Regression Therapy  in sittings  to make  all mental emotional healings.  Due to , this fight is with very self inner , finally  this also  true Only  affected  self  can  get  true provider  of all healings to self  as best self-healer , rest of all are only supporter but if one is going  much  emotionally weak , and can not able to recollect self  than outer frequential support make  big difference  in the providing cushioning  and cooling comfort  as support.

But before that seasoning is must , preparation is must , cooling is  recommended . Live  soul need to touch  with departed soul , live  soul want to  contact with departed soul , if departed soul  come and say  about all story  of  peaceful coming and going  ;only than the live soul feel rest .  If departed soul come and ask permission to go  back  again with   all blessings  the live soul  feels  sooths  and give permission  with all acknowledgement  of love and  affection   from and by departed soul  with full understanding  of  the  journey and purpose  of  each  soul   .

few  questions  are  give  special touch  and help in  connection psychologically  from live  soul to departed soul .. before sitting  on  dhyan or  start regression , little  mental and emotional preparation is required  psychologically , In this preparation  time  we  give assurance to take live soul  with us from out of world  through the help of time-travel ..

and after  step-in that world ...   On the world of Source-Energy ;  where all  small energies  are in floating state ... without name ... without shapes .. only they are there  with original  existence , in energy  from .. where they are free from any boundings  and relations , and these energies  find rest and peace there . but still they are able to recognising their beloved , who comes to meet them from long long  walks  through time travel .. here ;   that departed soul  recognise   their love one ....  only that soul can  console  in real way , and can put  medicine  to  live  soul' s  wounds and pains ... this mental conditioning  is very Important , to recover  live soul to live life wishful .

                                  (picture is shown below symbolic the from of small energies )

Process , as i feel  is Important  for brain  wash , below is ;

1- after psychological wash  live  soul must  feel connection  with  departed  soul .
2- let them free to ask  questions  from connected soul ..
3- departed soul will do convinced  by own way  to live bleeded soul
4- departed  soul will ask permission  finally to move  ahead  in  their soul journey ..
5-  and satisfied  live soul  will provide  all permission with  blessings  to departed soul .
6- after Session  and  asking   and sharing  pains and queries  with departed soul ; live soul must get  in     peace   and  feel rest  with loads of  tiredness . (give them time  for rest  as they want  comfortably )
7-- live soul must feel light  and  get ready to get enter in wise world .

its a kind of "sw_tarpan"  or giving permission willingly  to departed  soul to move ahead in her distinct way with affirmation & verdict . Its a great kind of  psychological realife  of wounded live soul .


As the basic of every life is  thoughts , the world made from thoughts , so it is must to live healthy  with healthy thoughts ..... Seasoning should be must  to heal  wounds .

And this way  The  soul get ready  to enter in the wisdom world ,  a real world ,  free to connect with Source .. direct .

ॐ   ॐ   ॐ 
Good wishes and Prayer for Love Light and Peace to All . 

( Declaration : this solution i get  in my meditative state, as i feel strongly for my angle , shared here   ; its true  that all solutions comes from within only if problems attacks from out  , but  giving space  for seriousness is very important  , tenderness of  situation may vary  from case to case .  please if feel  necessity ; consult  psychologist  or  real live Spiritual Guru . ) 

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