Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Golden-Dust for Spiritual-Selfish

Spiritual selfishness is comes in healthy way ; Only after complete surrender in front of Source , not before that !! 

If it is not comes in healthy way , always take leads on twisted ways and analysed by minds in different self  recognizabilities ..

Whenever the term use spiritual selfishness , is clear meaning to set priorities to self love .

Self love should be truly on purity based , not proud / ego based . Proud or ego based love is total misunderstood , mysterious and gives wrong results . just check your love of self is what base have.

Perhaps results may tell you everything available in your surroundings , which type of frequencies you have , that is only your's inherent frequency mirror reflections . it is speaks loudly . if you may understand !

If you give pure love to yourself , its automatic convert in love vibes outer and without giving extra efforts same vibes start to get generate in surroundings .

This type of selfishness says , love yourself as God resides within you , love yourself cause , God allocated responsibility to you to take care of his temple , take care as Honest_Servant and with these pure eyes look outside the whole universe , including Mother Earth . This is Spiritual Selfishness .

Do prayer every minute with obelized and gratitude feel for your best performence , whatever designed for you from destiny , Source gives you tremendous support in the form of 5 elements and in this constituted body by him plus to give 7 senses , They penetrate miraculous powers within you ....

Mind it ! they are
( 7 +5 ) second-line of servent_supporter to help you , in your's brilliant performance .

And soon you will find that you are not alone at all , you are here with your body temple , Source provide food to live life energetically . if you have illness Source provide all natural treats to you .

Only need to open your mind's gate to welcome all prosperity .

Be your own Follower first , listen your own voice first , be a part of Earth as passing moments . neither in back nor in forward , just be sattle in NOW .

And Spiritual Selfishness (
as quality within ) is ready to open her / his Mystery Gate ... Only for you ....

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