Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Psychology/Spirituality/Religion , what and why ?

What is psychology ? what is Spirituality and what is the religion ? and what is the differences and similarities ? what is the connection ? and what is the beautiful combination ? 

many questions arises in mind , Do we have go with purity of each subject ..? what is the right and what is under consideration .. ? how much mixing is healthy ? like many queries ... 

(this pic is shown Expansion from out of Om and contraction towards  , all the subject start and get merged again in same point at the end all is One , selection is meaningful and only required in middle of path )

As we know all in broader way, In the contraction all subjects comes under one source only . either Art or Science , Science and Art further get divisions in many forms .

Specially ; Psychology deals with Only to human minds , it has nothing to concern about before life and after death of human , nothing is concern about other Jeeves psychology and corrections . it has total concern to understand and to solve knots of running human-life . Psychology works scientifically on proofs and case study based. it has treatments also for healthy livings .

Specially ; Spirituality try to make beautiful bridge among super source and all lives on Earth . Its make Path easy connect to Source and easy to understand without following rituals . Spirituality says ritual has no purpose to give direction to soul , it is only spirituality who knocks the very basic original and essential qualities without artificial or superficial polishing of gratitude compassion and Love which are already rooted in every human being. by Simply Pointing " you are no one , your time is limited, and your " I " is your real Spirituality " by giving Divine Meaning of Soul; Spirituality give the way of healthy living with the help of Physical and Soul exercises called Yoga and Pranayam . Including positive guidelines of healthy Intakes for body and Soul. 

Specially ; Religion is Something very pure and direct to hit soul towards Lords direction , but misunderstood very much and religious beliefs are much deep rooted in world-over human societies . Its a long tale of religion establishments and deep roots in societies . meaning of religion is to give all outer and inner comfort to soul , by any means , may be through beliefs or beliefs . Religions get mixed with rituals , and now ritual and traditional worship is the part of Religion .  Religion have beauty  and capability to deal of  literate to illiterate , stubborn to  subtle to subdued human mind's mysterious  fear frustrations on the basis of  nonnegotiable  faiths . 

Though , Spirituality try to themselves out from all traditional rituals and following healthy living , and Psychology works on Human minds scientifically to deal with hardship with strength. 

Psychology has nothing to link with Soulology , its total works on mind and mind's complicated thought process . 

Now what are Interconnections ? Interconnection is Human , all deals with Human and Humanity . but finest weaving is different . those soul Journey made for high fly they may get stuck if they trap in mixtures of subject . real combination of dose able to give defeat to illness . otherwise fighters gets longer and tiring .

Best is to explore yourself and find yourself. Decide best for you . Your goal will tell you everything about your inner comfort . 

** If you want only solved psychological knots to live further 20 , 30 or 40 years or more with all happy way , Go ahead ! ,

** If your goal is broader and deeper to Search Mystery with all Happy living go with Spirituality ! 

** if your Goal is live traditional festivity with Super Source , Follow Religion , religion has sufficient power to occupy your mind and Body Fully . 

though Spirituality is the another name of Liberty , with all traditional bounding . it gives total free mind and free life . Souls knows her real motive to live on Earth and connections with all Jeeves . 
Difference is among three as subject ; only on Span , Gravity and Thickness of Subjects , and all depends about what you want from self ! Important is ; selection of Path , One must have to clear about need for Optimum results . wise people says Spirituality is not subject , but I find ; in reality its subject with bigger and deeper sense , which is pushing to soul towards " " .... Only " is formless and beyond definition . REST OF ALL COMES UNDER  EFFORTS  AND  EFFORTS  ITSELF  DEFINE  TO THE SUBJECT . 

Perhaps , you may find more deep analysis on Net On related Books , here is sharing only through pure generated thoughts and understanding through personal wisdom and self austerity basis. 

All the best for all to their Life Journey . 

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