Friday, 30 May 2014

understandings and capabilities ; Budhha ((Note)

Hit The Life with understandings and capabilities :

Buddha try to penetrate in human minds , not required to leave outer search that is for humanity , – the sun, the moon, the stars – to find answers. At the same time, nature represents the inward search, which has more to do with inside. but inner search also not omit-able at all . Inside is something that you have to experience yourself. Knowledge can be learned and taught ....

On that higher state of understanding Budhha never ever can say to their followers only for coward Sanyas (something is great behind to understand proper , to check misunderstood according to facility of minds and available resource .

Two Qualities are greatly valued and to be proper efforts to find Madhyam Marg , its essential to understand Buddha teachings , what he want to communicate through basic four facts

1- Birth is fact
2- Disease is facts
3- Old age is fact
4- Death is fact

these facts which were change Siddhartha's life and they get entered in another zone of wisdom ... after that they trying to convinced people through noble facts are below >>

Noble four facts are >

1- the truth of suffering
2- the truth of origin of suffering
3- the truth of cessation of suffering
4- truth of the path

they tried to penetrate in minds with daily preaches of their followers >

Nothing is permanent ,
World is full of miseries cause of unawareness
Do not give faith without own understandings
Live like Lotus in mud
selfish desires leads to sufferings
yes; there is suffering , suffering can cease there is path to go out of sufferings

than Buddha gifted eight fold path , is very famous ..

1- right view
2- right intention
3- right speech
4- right action
5- right live hood
6- right effort
7- right mindfulness
8- right concentration

they did their best efforts to take out people of all sufferings , they saw their sufferings in daily lives , small causes ,

Buddha try to give understanding of Middle path . and facing the fact of life and practicing the attitude of gratitude .

things to be understand openly what is our's and what are we have to just for to attend . without any attachment .

here is nothing is to live with out or against of Humanity ! actually with all understandings if people can serve to society it is more magical in results findings .

Understanding of life and capabilities to utilize is two aspects or weighing scale with balance ... Heart Needle to settle in middle is Madhyam-Marg is the most prescribed by Siddhartha as " the way of living ."

Capabilities are the novelty of human talent , it is boon from Source to protect and to face hardships of lives .

Buddha never teach to drop your life only for Spirituality ; Spirituality is way of life and capabilities are boon of life for humanitarian cause , through Science through Arts through any born capability , name of subjects are just to describe .

But very sure , live with Spirituality and use of Capability wisely must've told by Budhha .

It is not way of the popular Budhha Ashram Meaning to learn Buddha teachings Soul should have to go * budhham sharnam * dhammama sharnam * sangham sharnam or in other popular meaning escape from lives or escape from responsibilities ..just pass all live  in aloofness  in caves ......  
Sanyasi doesn't means  escapist , Buddhist doesn't means  escapist .Budhiist / Sanyasi  Understands  beautiful meaning  of  life "Only and truthfully"    , also Spiritually ;  Budhhist / Sanyasi get  ready  to serve Society  with all his / her  born capabilities .

If missing understanding about to understand  realities in totality   than Budhha  and his teachings  must'hv totally misunderstood !!

Check Origin !!

be wise and be safe

Good wishes to All

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