Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Be ready for change ! (Note)

You can not fix any single thing . you should understand and accept , ' the meaning of river-flow ' things are made for change , change is the nature of Nature . 

we are very smart as we think we can control over all  circumstances AND THIS IS HUMAN EGO , so that we continues involves in struggles but results says something else . after confused mind when it is not ready to accept changes ,

Sage preserves Geeta and saying Of Krishna for arjuna "कर्मण्ये वाधिकारस्ते म फलेषु कदाचन " for you and for your mind & maunda , for sake of peace they fill feelings with values . after feeding of Sage by force few percent you may get agree to accept as least as technical faults , but what to do life and death , so to deal with this issue Saga give you feed from their austerity about immortality of Soul . whatever Sages did it is just for your peace and balance , although ; same is continued by Spiritual Gurus , all effort is for you so that you may able to attain peace and love . cause your mind is running adverse , your maunda is full of desires and running always towards frustrations and depressions due to non fulfillment of unlimited flow of desires . despite of knowing Original Nature of your's; your's blindly followings towards mind and maunda Cause of Maya or shadow of Unawareness . 

Perhaps , the big issue is ... we are not ready for changes against will . design of will is ours , we are catalyst of our wheel of fortune like a small child we are stubborn and we are not agree to allow any change , but whom ! you are not ready to give liberty .... of course you are to self , your's all struggle only with and for yourself and towards circumstances created by you . we do not wish to get old , we do not like to lose our rights , we do not ready to lose our beloved , we do not agree to change in rules made by us . we do not agree to accept changes in our surroundings , we can not see changes in relations , ...... everything (feelings emotions persons results including love and life too ) we want to just hold tightly . but How , things are going to change fast !

Magic is , everything is going to change in front of us , but we have no issue till then we feel safe and unaffected by changes . but we are also the part of change ! our body , our senses , our relations our presence everything is mentaly time bound . Do not forget " Change is The Nature's Law " every aspect of Universe is born for change , nothing is stagnate . if anything is stagnate means it is lifeless , and soon it will convert and merged into 5 elements .

The all Science of Spirituality is to serve you acceptability of changes ; whatever comes by destiny either age or loss you should have to accept by Smooth Acceptability . 

* Do not try embrace to fix emotions for always according to your will . 

* Do not fist knot to hold changing patterns .

* Accept and Welcome of Seasonal_Changes of Outside and
Inside .

( how you can welcome your changes ! make travel through Dhyana , and firstly do accept your surroundings , through live with souls more like you , after that you have to live with little diffrent jeeva to feel their presences with acceptability , after that same pattern you have to follow with entire different world of nature {trees and stones rivers and similar many others} accept as they are . try to feel oneness  with  your very core  nature of simpleness  and  naturalness ;
 as they have too . )

ॐ ॐ ॐ

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