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The Western Woman (shared) by Annie Burnside

"The World Will Be Saved By the Western Woman" - Dalai Lama 

Major hints - 
1- western  
2- woman and 
3- world will be saved 

readers  all take  in frequency  form  not  as  5 elements  from , in this way as (bodily male or female) western  means ...  confident , courageous, educated ( not bookish to attain education platform its a long struggle tale) emotional  to hold responsibility too, some how  all  other woman  on entire earth are strong  but many social and  upbringing factors  are dragging to her.. 
though woman is woman  basically  emotional and soft ,  so that many broken   aspects are  with her  but still  , more strong  and independent .


"The World Will Be Saved By the Western Woman" - Dalai Lama 
What exactly did he mean by his intuitive assessment of the role of western women in the upliftment of our world?
As I sat quietly contemplating his offering, I began to feel the truth of its meaning...
In the work that I do as a soul nurturer, primarily right now with western women who have the inclination, the time, the education, the availability and the relative affluence to self-explore in the personal growth realm, there is sometimes an underlying layer of guilt felt because of this blessed opportunity.
And yet, inner work and self-reflection take much courage, indeed, and it is through the awakening of each individual that our world will awaken.
Someone must go first on a large scale, and so perhaps that someone is the western woman.
While it is true that those living paycheck to paycheck or those with even less means may not have time for self-actualization, it should not negate, demean or lessen the pursuit of "enlightenment" for those who do.
In our modern world, thankfully for all of humanity, self-realization has moved far beyond monks on a mountaintop who also had the time and opportunity for direct, divine connection.
Today, this type of spiritual awakening is occurring right here, right now in our neighborhoods, on the sidelines of little league games, and in our workplaces.
Like the Dalai Lama, it is my belief that the western woman holds much power to change our world into a more peaceful, harmonious and unified community that truly celebrates differences rather than separates because of them.
As western women, one by one, awaken into whole, self-realized, authentic, consciously spirit-embodied human beings, there will be no limits as to what they will contribute in a more feminine, intuitive way to all sectors of society.
I think what the Dalai Lama envisions is the possibility that the deepened understandings and expanded perspectives that precipitate a greater feeling of connection to all of life will spread through feminine compassion into our educational systems, political systems, economic systems and healthcare systems throughout the world entire as the western woman evolves and chooses to contribute in her own way in all fields.
Of course, it goes without saying that no matter our gender, we all have both masculine and feminine energies, so my intention is definitely not to leave men out of the discussion.
However, I do desire to give many western women their due as the thoughtful leaders that they are becoming through their desire to utilize their blessings of time and affluence to move down the once less sought after path of self-realization.
In the years to come, I agree with the Dalai Lama, that we will begin to see the fruits of the western woman's self-growth in all segments of society.
Their influence will ultimately be a treasure unto all of humanity as they seek to include compassion, intuition, truth and love through heart to heart, soul to soul connections that know no bounds.
I invite the western woman to keep going on her path of self-discovery without apology or guilt as her role in uplifting our world may be more important to us all than we ever realized...
By Annie Burnside, July 25, 2012 at 10:06 am


  1. Truly such thoughtful words from the author Annie Burnside. And she so beautifully noted by expounding upon the sincerity of Dalai Lama's idea. This world could be changed by the Western woman so why not Support her...the obvious. Regarding her position. What books & purse does she carry?
    She's been knocked down but she gets up again and again and she's continuing to do this and as she does she often has to put her hand out and live somebody up beside her my dear.