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Science says Spiritual way

And the Science ; who says  some thing to you  in vary Spiritual ways  or vise a versa , On this Magical-Ride is of on one thread , either  starts from here or there , you will get end of thread and next end of thread will be closer to you . 

Be a sure , before start digging , what you want actually from  ! otherwise digging goes unlimited and infinite. On first layer you get fertility of land  , in second layer of dig  you may get wealthy mines as prosperity , in third layer of digging process you may get abundance of fire as aggression of mother Earth  and you may think  you get finally major source of  energy , and after this your  major involvement to give  gift to generation and if your generation survives to collect those information , than you may attached one more information that ,' you make possible to dig biggest whole on Earth from this end to that end ".

this  possibility discussed  from the eye  of scientific research  scholars ,  In same  you may keep yourself spiritual way to dig infinite , yes you can !  bet be assure , if you want  fertility , stop digging of layer 1rst , if  you want  wealthy mines , stop digging further , if your goal is big  then you may find  center of energy  of Earth  in form of Fire .   but still if you not stopped  you may get enter in Infinite zone .. and if you do not make  your goal so large , you me feel trouble here !! because you can not come back  as you were !! now you are forced to jump in infinite zone ... 

the time to think is now wisely ... what you want ? and which extant you want ! it is total up to you ...

Than as next step  adding in this  digging program you  or related with you  any person  will write collected knowledge  from you  to make book and to get available on stores , and human brain best possible  will preserve  this  valuable information to received by you ,

but question is ! where you will that time ? must be you will get float in sky , in another magnetic field of star . but you cant come back to live in peace on earth . do you understand !  what i am saying ! i am showing extreme result for your mental preparation for  extraordinary leap !!  it may possible !

Yes , some time this infinite digging you may get knowledgeable and very much informative ,you may get  extraordinary logical  like J Krishnamurti  or like osho  but for whom ?  but are you ready to  become  J Krishnamurti  or Osho or alike  many others  , because  they did not get  that peace due to mind  what they serves  to you . , how i am saying !  look ,  who will enjoy  earned  money the maximum  in family !  yes ! kids , not  hard earning person , Guru's motive total get changed after adopt  the post ! their  all  energy  get in flow  to convert shishya . to transcend  shishya . their motive get total change . believe it being shishya , the one shishya is most in peace  due to freedom  from any liability , like  a kid .

before to jump in extreme  you must have vision  for this extreme ... you must have clear all picture in-front of you ....  all thread  have  two  sides of infinite , only middle part  is left  for movement for roaming freely  this end to that end . but jump after come in extreme of any side , there is only infinite . And this  possibility  works in any subject  which is related  with digging  physically or frequencially ,

just try to understand your own limit  and intelligence . they lives with in certain range , your  life is in certain range , your wisdom also have in certain range  , your hearing  your output  and  your dealings  also  determine  your  certain range . if your are running  in your range , than  you are in limit . the moment  you cross that range  means  your now jumped  in Infinite  world with no range .

are you ready ? ask  with yourself first .  to lose everything is the first  basic condition in jump infinite , anything can happen  any fruit you may get , and you have to ready for this  extremely dangerous  and adventurous  trip .

If i 'm talking about  on big subject as big as  Science involve in researches  of life and death  or in astronomy  field  many stars  and life on other stars , these are really big  and   real example of human courage .

But  every one  have not so much courageous. Still  by human nature  they involve in small diggings , do you know same formula applicable  every where , every thread appears with two extreme  side and after that  infinite  darkness .
When small curious mind get involve in digging , it serves  dangerous result . So ..... here first need to know , what your are going to dig and what you want from digging .  You need to  do ding only  on that extent , after that no need to dig further.  Its very important  point to remind yourself !!

most of time our digging is not actual digging is just dig and throw  superficially 
In  spirituality , In religion  and In relation friendship  or in any possible  field of subject  it may performing art  or it may related  with  any subject , the basic is  to know  your  inclination , purpose  and limit . Because , you with limited  energy lives with unlimited energies . So ..... just need to  frame your own limit  , your own power , after that intelligently you need to put breaks .

It means ; you must have to excellent command on  self - life - drive .

You must have to know your life will bloom  only with happiness  with peace  and with your own light .

you must have to know also  no outer method can workout  well for you , as  Only you have to allow to self  for best receiving .

Its also get clear , you are the prime  for you .

than  what you are digging  , and why your so busy in infinite dig ?

Live whatever you have

Live wherever you have


Do best for you to know own limit , false ego  , artificial personality  and  useless anger , and you also  know about your fear too  that this false Ego  this artificial personality  this meaningless anger is your  So Called in your language is Proud , self proud ....


after knowing limit ; do ever best for you ! 

You know  the use of term after knowing is how and what is ? yeah ! exactly !!  to concentrate with in , with meditation first to fix  your own  energy uses by you , be a master  of your own senses ,through meditation you may get sweet fruit of actual knowing  on hard fact of reality .

little advice  is here ,  trust only direct connection with source  not on mediators  , do faith  to yourself  and  make your sense strong to catch  nature  signs  , she gives  continues   to you .

before step down in any thought  think wisely !! rest your life path will help you ! guide you !

In short " be your master own "

all the best !

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  1. Give the support to mind .. made of Science to take leap in infinite Spirituality ,its safe and intelligent way of ride for self, not for Science nor for Spirituality because both are Infinite but we are not ,we are very finite and limited.