Monday, 14 July 2014

Chain-Saw (meditation )

Do you really want to erase all your deluded beliefs, memories, stories, tendencies and identities one by one, or would you prefer to find the factory where they are produced, and blow the whole thing up? 

I say this because right now, I don’t have time for all this tiny pruning. You hold on to your little nail clipper, but I am giving you a great chainsaw to bring down this old tree of suffering. 
This chainsaw is self-inquiry. 
This is your good fortune.

~ Mooji

Do you ready  for this effective Chain-Saw meditation ! 

chose  leisure time  and comfortable position  for long  , select non disturbing  time , it may be before sleep  or early mornings .

this is some thing different  from general meditation  and usual techniques , this is technique free , its direct connection from heart  and  your mind .

you should have to do  only two things , judgmental mind should be in control  and mundane have free to run. all controllers must  have to be with  your Master Soul. under command .

*what you have to do !

lay down or sit  your choice , take  deep slow breaths , close  your eyes  slowly  give free  fall yourself  and free ride to mundane

allow  yourself   strongly  to float  as Sakshi  without any reaction  and  solutions giving tendencies . because what is not now  no  issue  to search solutions . this meditation is nothing concern to any kind of solution giving Idea . just be with yourself . if maunda  making chain  allow  to them . go deep  n deep  may be  days and years  back.....  do free yourself .

rolling back  starts !!

roll back

roll back

allow your self  to roll back ....

its up to you on which moment  you want to stop for while !!

Make a chain  , beautiful , sparkle , all of life  moments , precious ... flow with in ......

you will find many  mistakes and faults  just be with ,

you will find  many layers  of Goodness  with in you , be with .

you will  may disturbed  do not control over  if tears falls  allow  them .

if smiles come  accept that ............

No judgment please ,

just watch as you watching film in theater ......

do not get involve  with characters .

time  is no limit  as you feel comfortable, ride on waves ....

when all get feel tired  or complete , want to come out .... give little time  to settle your emotional ground .

Relax ... take deep breath  again , those get interrupted  during deep floating . and high  flies .....

Slowly  come back , as you enter in  chakraviyuh , here you are not  Abhimanyu , who  not able to come out from chakraviyuh ,  you can come slowly  as you did  enter one by one ............... come back

come back

come back

continue  deep breaths ......

come back

come back

come back

give time yourself ............

Now  you are in present moment ,

you know well  what the  time next  is for deep sleep (if nights )   do relaxed  more deep sleep .  as you do not have any stone  in your bag .

if  early morning  just wake-up for Zen Tea , the  meaning of this tea named zen tea  cause  every sip gives you fresh
relaxation . fresh thoughts  fresh breath  to move ahead ..

feel free yourself  from any burden ... all are not yours now ,  all are liability of divine , now you can involve yourself in  daily routine .. as usual ...

Keep in mind :  our thoughts "  during meditation, that present themselves without any effort on our part. Then,during meditation, is where it is easy to accept the flow of life !

ps :
*  to do this regular you may come out with all inner past knots .
*  you have improve  the power of Surrender
*  you have improve  the power of acceptance

keep it in mind  do till  you want to achieve  quality  after that  you have to come out this meditation .life is to move ahead  always keep in mind , its not tight  close fist .   do your fist always  open  for let go  and for accept . 

be blessed ,
love and gratitude 

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