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Senses Of The Soul

Here is ....  in world , in mind ,  so much already flooded in knowledge , scripts  have  strong impressions  and rest is elder,s imparting , social developments in surroundings  our own development  education  and wisdom , already filled up  and  nothing i have to say new , vise a versa So much already you heard nothing is new for you , still  some thing is vacuumed and need knock !  what's that ! i m ready to say and u are ready to read !

Actually everyone is over-flooded with knowledge of words , need to go beyond words . It is sure something is beyond , something is still wait for knock ! that world is of Silence  , which is still untouched  in noisy world ! 

I know , when my time will get over , mouth also get shut .... you know and i know senses are not forever . if you find my bell sound  is very mild go with strong sound , if you may hear more clear anyone else sound , go ahead ! follow where your  heart allows you  it may be more strong voice of your own inner , be guru of yourself  as i did  for me , keep in heart ;  hearing inner voice and inner move is must , you cant  stop  anywhere , moving movement to moment is life . stagnation is death .  allow  your self  to learn , to listen voice of faith . your entire uneasiness  and poison get resolve with inner journey  and dive inside only and after knowing true yourself

Its life , you know life is flow , so it is flowing this way , some one come big , say big and after time over they goes back , after that sound of drum hear s for years , in form of shastra collection . followers growth starts and blind faiths starts, blind rigidity blind following , this is a base of blind religion . those trying to open eyes others , they got shoot by other follower-blinds . Its a total story of A elephant and four blinds .
To hear story we feel good cos we not put our self on it as one character of story . Entire world lives in deep sleep they think  event  are for others they are not part of happenings , they are not a character of stupidity , all working thinking living and behavior in deep sleep , they  fight in sleep they  make love in sleep .............. all their  efforts get restricted in body limits  and their strong judgments for others . 

And spring is  just one step down , very close to you  , it resides  in inner subtle body. just feel it. Once you feel , your thinking your vision automatic  get changed 

When our inner eyes get open , then we can visualize yourself in one of four blind characters. 

Some curious asking ;is it your experiences ? how do you able to say  so perfect ?and mind it this type of query  says  mind is running fast and not in control ! its a 1st sign . cos this question goes out ! if query and questions  start to go inside , they turn in inward  than  the sign comes to journey  start inward !! 

putting Osho's heart here is exact  match with my feel 

I Am That

A flower opens
in the jungle,
nobody passes by - still it is fragrant.
It does not matter
whether anybody comes to know of it or not,

it is
its quality.
Nobody may ever come to know about it,
but that does not
The flower is rejoicing….


Friends ! life is very short , understand  the impotence  and rhythm of breath ... each breath  is going in is passing , each breath is coming out  is passing . its  takes  from you  your time . 

Regarding my saying ,  when we see from analytical eyes , with brain  everything looks artificial and illusive  , and it is that eye fact , nothing wrong , wrong is  only  selection of vision . 

When we see  from our inner eyes  our vision get pure  we able to see purity , and cleverness is get shallow . Not advising  to mix  different chemicals they do not mix well  either they react  badly, do not make mixture of  illusive and pure  ... one is outer journey , another is  inner journey , one is with brain  another is with heart ...  don't  allow  to brain to analysis of your inner achievements , just move in and feel the difference .

In the inner journey  you feel same cleverness with self  as you  feel for yourself  and may able to watch  smart mouse trapper in outer world , Same is in inner journey, here you find inner mouses  and your job is to trap them well . 

yess !  i am calling you to find yourself  for yourself , not for me or for world , just for your sake . so your quality  will be applied  only for yourself .

Why , i am calling ! 

Simple ; i find  in my journey  many obstacles  inner and outer , during swimming  if i can come out  from Ocean and able to take fresh breath  and can see light , yes , you may also , its a possibility  from my eyes . other  aspect , you can see  the magic of vibes  , the connection of frequencies , physically ; i am far from you , i have no verbal connection with  you , i am just putting my thoughts  via writ , and you are able to catch  these vibes , its  kind of magic , you may say , cos of technology ,  may be reasons  many  , helpers many  , but all output somehow is positive . we are living on that era where  we are  able to see our vibes  travels  and  catches , it is simple , on other time frame  we not able to see  vibes travel .in that sense  we are most lucky , we can touch whole earth through vibes . 

Very first  Science  told us  about  frequency-travel  and catches  mechanical techniques  through proper instrument and  tuning . its my advice , please follow Science proves in own spiritual journey ,  till you may get . its worth move . 

My request , do not follow  any thought  without  acceptance , if you find any wordily cleverness do not run behind , its your own choice and freedom , use it wisely  and allow  yourself  whatever and however  you  allow , Simple ;  be wise for yourself  ..... 

Now   come straight on point , here we are talking about  as we have senses in our body  to sense to use them , same   all senses  we have in subtle body , our subtle body  have all  senses , vision brain  touch hearing  feeling  and smelling , even sex ( merging ) sense  also have in subtle body , you will be surprised . 

To listen those  voices  and  to feel their working  , you have to shut to feel  your  external sense working  for that time . nothing is magical , its just happening , if we are not feel , its our  ignorance only , give  a dose of Peace  Insight  through meditation  and  you will be get connect well !! 

Nature is very fare , in her eyes  everyone is same  no one is big no one is small  , every one have his own life path , own orbit . all  good  and bad selection  all analysis  all posts  designations  mind ,mind is  allow  to feel pain  cheats and sorrow (outer word ). and he is  so much use to to give you alerts  some how when you start work on you mind here is use to send you alert signal , mind finds something going different . but when you working on self  by self  be in faith , give time  to cultivate faith  and  be in faith  about your selected  of path , move on , and you will get ! 

In the world of cheating body senses are extra cautious  about external cheating , 

well good ! 

Now , time is your's ...... listen your voice , understand  your journey , don't cheat yourself , Now  do meditation and  connect with your inner  and  you will find  Spring water , pure cool and sparkle or  bright pure light or  shiny diamond  or lotus bloomed  . here is  you will find also , you are much away  from wordily  dealings , this place is sacred  and totally yours . 

One thing  is to be noted journey is yours ,  focused  for you only ,  do not look here n there . your each step is  pure and is for you only . whatever  you will feel  for you in last breath , i am sharing before  with you . you are alone (not lonely ) you  take birth alone  and you will go back alone .  no one can go with you . cos  everyone have own birth and death . 

All the best 

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  1. Energy flows where attention goes...if you seek more attention, give yourself more attention.........
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