Thursday, 17 July 2014

" be aware , be wise "

Accept changes  whatever going around , accept !  change is under destiny  
by the power of Surrender acceptance  gratitude and compassion 
Move On 

"In silence there is eloquence. Stop weaving and see how the pattern improves."
~ Mewlana Jalaluddin Rumi

Now do not  ask basics what is destiny and how we get believe on destiny ! it may effect our karma . we get coward to live with destiny  , bla bla ..

Accept with this , human psychology get satisfied  to find themselves  hooked on hanger (fact is hanger itself hooked on some where ) just do free yourself from any-kind . either destiny or karma or prarabdh  or  Guru  or  mind  or soul  or ashram ..... reason  behind  all  ; culprit thoughts or mind under combination of maunda . Keep away yourself wisely  from all ignorance one by one . as i suggest  earlier  also  , these type of minds are more logical  and only take step forward  with logic and sense . these type of minds  feel comfortable  to believes with  Science and Proves or Science  .  well they are not blind believers . it is one the bright part and this way  they are more closer to Source , just a  gap of blink of eye . because  with blind believers difficult to give turn to right they are fix and rigid , they kill either  you or self  but they can not lose their beliefs . though these so called aesthetics they look rigid but can believe on truth under logic .

Keep in mind , do start thinking  with you are above  of all , you  have Now no link with wordily hooked  affairs . your transmission tuning is free to connect  direct . just come up little  from mud of illusions  and you will able to see sparkle light of reality. this is true religion , to explain this light all religion still on work . but not successful , why ?  simple cause , it can only hear in silence  it can only visible  in close eyes  , it  can be touched  with connected vibes . Improve  the power of internal 7 senses , they are  tired  and become dull in yourself Ignorance . leave the hand of 7 senses of Body , they worked hard already  for you  to give you hits and hints and continues they busy to serve you hints , Now time to understand  they are on limit performances, and cant to do more for you ! Now the time to switch  on internal 7 senses .

if you want to read again  of what is destine  and what is  predestine   and what is karma , what are relation  among , how they perform together . if your curiosity is alike  means it shown ignorance or unawareness , its not kinda false believe , young gen is kind of  if something they are not able to solve , they feel all are waste , its imaginary  and immediate they select their  area of believe also that called atheist. to select category  they feel relaxed cause immediate they get shelter  as usual human psychology is , they  wandering for shelter , any group any philosophy  any religion !!

The Truth is above of all ! truth is that which covers under all shelters available on earth , being atheist  or  rigid religious  , Spiritual  or any other possible  category . and be mindful !  truth not from us  we are  from truth !! Whatever  we can think ,we can travel astral  or bodily  comes under truth , truth is so wide  it Embrace all with in  either believer or nonbeliever . So Forget  you can do other than truth anything , your searches  researches , subjects  performances running all comes under this truth umbrella . its as huge  n wide .. it covers galaxies under his arms .

My point is ; wise  doesn't waste their time to get trapped themselves  in such a under nonsense categories . in fact  you are  non of any category, all category in description are Man made ,  you are above of all categorizes.  Find your connection with fact  by self  make  connection direct wi_fi to source , and you will get connect with right frequency match .

As simple  as tuned  radio  to listen  correct  station voice . 

Be Silent  chirps ( gossips ) has no value ; just waste of time . 

your purpose is  not in wandering outside ! wander inside. Diamond is here .

Start your swim  with floating , Start your riding  with walk slow ....... Do meditation for ! and it is !

Accept !  Surrender ! feel gratitude for all novelties !  and express compassion to mother earth and born s by her .  

killing is not recommended  for self or others , its silent suicide by Jeeva . to accept to live in ignorance itself  killing of self ! (do you know it ! )
by Spiritual wisdom  exact  means   " be aware , be wise " towards  self  towards  world  and more than towards universe . do act / think / live  according ! only !

All the best . 

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