Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Spirituality ready to give abundance

Today : as on 29th June  2014

I open my system and get logged-in ,On Face-book  and  page open with news feeds , on the rolling down a post comes up that stricken .' (read carefully) Sd Guru mostly involves to says opposites ( not they are right or wrong but the receiver's condition is what to receives ) ex; One Soul says beneath of Golden cage Bird is singing song of freedom . (this is conditioning of mind given by sdguru and receivers takes according to need ) next another strong and conditioned thought in reply was there comes .." whatever one is in mind they look always only that ."

Now you see,both are the One Sdguru's shishya , both are conditioned , but both expression in different manner .

i find in a very broader term right and wrong eliminated only perceptive and perspective runs with in mind for every one . though in the expression of Guru Both are correct and Simply No one is wrong . this is only condition , only One condition that too changeable .

but one is thinking under their conditioning. in contradiction another one not able to digest and they put their thought. Both find correct they are ! Both Seasoned Own way , Both are in Process of Seasoning . Both are mentally strong on their end . Both are right , not only right perhaps very right . and both are blindly follower of their Guru .

thinkable is ! are they really understand the whole rope !! Absolutely Guru is very right , he can see whole rope from this end to that end , but what about those who holds strongly one - one corner of right !!

Look !! if any one really admirer of Guru , he easily can catch Guru's whole personality to understand their perspective , and soon also understand that he is perspective-less. because he resides on whole rope , and not only this rope , in every rope , he resides in same manner . among Shishyas conflict may come if they bound with perspectives . perspective is " One side Strong Vision Only - On Subject / Issue ".

this our compulsion of mind and vision we can see in limit , we can think in boundaries.
so that by born-habits our vision and perspectives are bound.

and Spirituality ready to give abundance , boundless . That's All Sd Guru's efforts to communicate in communion Nature is limitless, this is our mind and body are culprit , those creates projection in limits ., Nature is limitless & Energy is limitless , and we are combination of both limitlessness lives under limits , Isn't Surprising !!! 

1- Spirituality is not Following of set of fixed Rules !!

2- Spirituality is a gate to enter world of Open Vyom .... abound love limitless , their is no limit , no cage , no boundary .

3- Spirituality serves actual what Soul is and what tatva is ; without polishing . to face it , to accommodate it . and to move forward .

4- Spirituality is also says , you can not stay at any one point , do not hold anything !! not past not future , not GURU , not relatives , not world . , you can not hold !!

5- Be Ready for abundance , the set of words is saying , all of Story of Surrender and loud expression acceptance . As many of Guru expressed in same manner .

6- here is also Both ends are saying come to my farthest corner , and you will find what you are in search , do not moves slightly this side or slightly that side . if you want Inner round just give free fall without mind . or if you want to that end , just give free fly without mind , and you will touch the point .condition is you can not take with you Mind and maund .

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