Thursday, 10 July 2014

Divine Bath - Path

In  a very beginning , when mind is on full noise and busy in hue and cry , and first desires  starts to take place ; to get rid off  this noisy rough-house , this noise is very unbearable and uncontrolled  and  heart says ,' i want peace , i want little window to breath '.

this is the junction point  where  seed  start to become  plant  and slowly  if journey is goes well ,  flower comes along right good fruit . 

but how ?  

how to start right ? yet i 'm not able to sit  with one  thought for a minute ..... it may query comes ..

very first  believe  on yourself , still not delay  to control  wild horse  rides . 

few tips for best to remove blockage :

very first need to get calm down , to concentrate  on breaths . look and observe your thoughts , just observe their force without any correction  , do not try to control over , its a wrong practice . just be watcher , observe  the impact of negativity . to know  the negativity  is more than sufficient  .  Slowly with time  you will get settle  in heart with all peace, that is your most lovable peaceful place .  you love your self  most , you know yourself most .  and  very basic  you respect yourself  most  . you are the only one  alike you , you have no carbon copy . No your Importance and purpose  for your sake only . live  as you like , explore your hobbies , your readings , your travelling ideas  or Cooking Inventions ,  Dance ..... Music whatever you like  do  for you . 

To enhance your spiritual awareness  ,  must spent few time  spiritual readings  to  remove  blockages  of mind . few time  spent for  physical health  through yog and dhyan , in yog  you can  do  for example ; Suryanamaskar  and  food intake must be easy light and  healthy . Morning and evening walks gives  more Oxygen  to servant mind and to divine body .

try live  more closer to nature , talk with nature ,  spent time  with Nature Mother's lap . Ocean hills   spring forest . whatever you like , go with (Y) .

Most Important  choose  circle   to interact Positive  wisely , otherwise more good to be Alone ,(not lonely ) living alone is  blessings of lord . Loneliness  is bad . its Illusive  and carried  from mind and maund . 

next comes in dhyan only to increase  concentration  is Tratak , watching a lit  light  continues  as long as you can . 

after  the path of  achievements   you will find with these practice  able to control your internal  uncontrolled running ( be careful be watchful ) do not give  chance to  enter  negativity .  and believe it all power is with in you . you can control  to whom  and to how much  you allowed  to enter  . 

allow only pleasure and positivism  of  moments to get balance back , negativity  already sited in bulk within , because life is precious  and unique , you have no more clicks  to improve ; only one click  you get allotted for one time   , moments are passing . and you have only One life span . 

Life ; its really precious , and without compression  its beautiful !

Come on next level , want to explore your existence and meaning of  !!   its all not magical , its can achieve by  little practice through dhyana . 


explore your own 7 chakras  and 
power of chakras , 
explore your power of spine .  
explore  your sixth sense . 
explore  your connection with  maund  and soul  as jeeva . 

In shiv-sutra  shiva  described  101  techniques  to control mind and maunda  and to live life healthy  with wisdom . 

essence is  to look your breath , to observe  going and coming  and try to focus in Middle of  both breaths . Lord Shiva  says its actual you are , " SHUNYA".

( keep in mind  do not rely upon surface-waves  just go by self deep inside  of wisdom  and you will get cool settle water spring , to be very clear  the meaning of dive deep  means go  with real  shastra , real sages , they still live with their verdicts and motives , do not go  on  analysis although they are in bulk  selection is difficult  and  they get confused  also )

after getting you  try to  talk with nature , try to found  your lost link  with Mother nature. and you have desire to another leap  , Search this same treasure  in Brahmand . because you are from there only . 

and your Dhyan is your first and last fellow friend !  rest you have to escape with time  you cant hold , you cant hooked , you cant stop on any place . this journey is pathless ... only fragrance and light is  welcome  you on every Pointer place . find your guru with same feel . you have to  leave  Guru also with all due respect  .  he has loads of job for others  who are   waiting  for right person in their life .

after practice  Now  you become at-least mater of your's , Now your perception is  changes , your mind is in your control . your maunda is now your servant . 

what to do next ! 

the time  sit in peace , set in your heart ! and live all live  alike .  this way  a aura surrounded to you , a fragrance comes to your personality . and you have nothing to do !  rest of job  is of Source .  you  got your birth purpose , with all gratitude  and compassion . you have all respect  to entire  Nature ,  your life is now for  not to be  any proud . because   this job is of mind  and maund . and you are above of them .  so dont allow to mind and maund to free work according to their thirsty  unfulfilled desires. they are just meaningless . 
live in light ; rest of live . 

keep in mind , do not try to teach or preach any one , do not accept any position / post regarding . just be with you . who are  apt . they come by self they listen by self and they go back by self . now controlling anything is not your job . you are first responsible to you , for  your body  and soul's  distinct , for the cause you comes  here ! if anyone get benefits from you its their destiny . let allow for . don't  struggle against destiny . 

ps: keep in mind  you are going nothing to achieve in wordily term , you are going to lose everything Illusive  and  in the place you will find Zero with abstract .and remind yourself  " अप्पो  गुरु  आपो भवः

All the best to you as Budhha and your wise  journey !! 

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