Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Gardner & Plants (short story)

( A short story written by me ; may serves essence , Amen !) 

A very capable Gardner was on leave for few days , in parallel , a another person comes to take care of garden ,in the beautiful garden many of plant were of flower and many of fruits.

At one place in corner he saw a huge collected manure and next was good tap ,huge fresh unlimited water and with wide-hole-long-pipe , he thought ,' what else , now plants get enough for their health ' . he filled bucket and spread it in the plain ground , and all around in garden and fill the garden with water, owner comes and see his hard work and get happy , to see owner's happiness person thought this way owner is happy i 'ill do regular my this work day ; he again spread loads of manure , and water . in this way to manage manure and water 4th day plants getting lose their healthy texture and going slowly dull and pale . but he has no thought about plants balance diet . he just hanged over manure and water Good for plants . 

seventh day actual Gardner comes and saw plants , and Gardner's work . and sudden with his experience , he understand well about story of hard work and happening behind . 

Intimidate he stop to give water and manure , it was already in access i n ground . after few days digestion of access water and manure , plants again takes their life back.

Moral of the story .... ? 

for indication :

* ground is heart ,
* manure and water is spiritual nourishment ,
* and plants are like you means Body with life

and Gardner are some time self and some times another person as Guru . here is one thing positive which is not applicable with plants , here the man can select and discuss his potency , while plants also trying but their language is unknown from most of us , we can feel only happiness of plants and than dying . 

be wise and be safe 

all the best 

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