Wednesday, 2 July 2014

" live real life with divine gold ring " (short story)

Our eyes are effectively use-to to see out side actions and reactions and defectively vision get freezes there. some how we forget about stairs ,which is we've from birth to go down inside to dwell . 

we have inside vision to look, we have time in grip of NOW to dwelling.

Some where read this story sharing again : 

because nectar is same, 

" One king was elected as king of his kingdom , on the time of ceremony to wear Golden-rim by elected king , huge crowed was gathered , clapping was there , celebration was there , and all were happy including newly elected king. After a passing time , he died physically but mentally not , they come to take him and whispered in ears move towards to your new kingdom , you are the king of there also , he said , sure i will be come with my few followers , but they denied , you have to come alone though you are king of your own kingdom .

without follower, kingdom ! out of thought . but helpless he was , so got ready to move . on next junction they told him to go inside of gate all alone with hammer , and to embossed king's popular name. they also guided after this ritual they have to move ahead , .... after that they told we are stayed out and wait for you here only .

he entered inside to see grand view inside get dazzled and astound to see vastness of that Stone was much bigger from our Himalayas but still there were no place to excite his name he need to 1rst remove another to put his name there. , he can not understand , comes out and ask them there is no place all are filled with cores name, where i have embossed mine! , they told you have to remove first one to embossed your name ....he get dazzled and compel to think on spot, ' as i am removing one name to incite mine name , same another will come here and will do same with my name . than what is the essence ! my name embossed by me for me that too for limited time .. for this Insignificant job !

he decides to come out without embossed his popular name on stone and ready to move further with guards . now he aware of all reality of inside and actual real world about the running in somnolence and madness of Name Fame and Game of world .

wishing all the best ! 

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